Best Dark Roast Coffee Reviews 2020

Best Dark Roast Coffee Reviews 2020

Whether you are a night owl or a morning person who just can't seem to wake up until the caffeine kicks in, you rely on your trusty magic potion - The Best Dark Roast Coffee on the market. It is a well-known fact that caffeine has many effects on our brains. The most popular effect of coffee is its ability to make you feel less sleepy. Caffeine keeps you alert, thus boosting your productivity. Drinking coffee also boosts memory and improves recollection. Coffee lifts your mood and helps you feel better. A piping hot cup of coffee can relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, and help alleviate pain to a considerable extent.

Now that we have established that coffee isn't any less than an elixir, it is also important to understand that not all coffee brands are the same. How different your coffee tastes depends largely on where it is grown - the quality of soil in the said region, how it is grown - was it exposed to direct sunlight or was it grown in shade, how much rainfall or water did the coffee plants receive, how were the beans dried - through a manual process or a mechanical one; and a multitude of other factors.

Prior to consumption, the coffee beans must be roasted. Roasting the coffee beans gives them a beautiful brown color, we see in the coffee bag. The roasting process helps bring out the natural flavor and releases the oil and the aroma of the bean. Broadly, there are three types of coffee roasts. They are light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. The type of roast is determined by how long the beans are roasted and at what temperature. For instance, a light roast coffee bean is roasted for a lesser duration and at a comparatively lower temperature than a dark roast bean.

We have reviewed the top dark roast coffees so you can enjoy your morning cup of Joe.

Best Dark Roast Coffee Reviews in 2020

A. Best Dark Roast Coffee | Our Top Picks

I. Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw Coffee Review

A productive morning begins with a great cup of coffee.

Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee ensures that you begin your day with a flavorful cup of Joe. It is made with shade-grown Arabica beans sourced from around the world. The coffee is roasted in the lap of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee offers rich notes of cacao nibs, dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and brown sugar.

For you to get the optimal flavor of this delicious coffee, the recommended brewing methods are French press coffee, pour-over coffee, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee.

Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw Coffee Review

Our #1 Recommended

Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee is committed to the community. Their coffee is organically grown. Organic coffee naturally translates into following ethical cultivation of the coffee bean. Coffee growers practice smart farming and plan for tomorrow without compromising on the quality of the crop today.

Their coffee is grown in an environmentally and socially responsible way by coffee growers using a sustainable business model they can rely on. Kicking Horse Coffee believes good practices in coffee cultivation ensure a secure future for the planet and future generations.

Kicking Horse Coffee uses only Fair Trade certified coffee, which is fair for both - the coffee growers and the coffee consumers. Through Fair Trade, the profits earned from the sale of coffee are used to empower the farmers. Fair Trade facilitates the investment of the profits back into the community to secure their future of the underprivileged coffee growers.

Things We Liked

  • Whole bean coffee ensures you get fresh coffee for days.
  • Low acidity and balanced flavor.
  • Value for money with affordable pricing.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee makes great latte, macchiato, and other such coffee-based beverages, but doesn't quite pack in the same punch in an espresso.

II. Real Good Coffee Company, Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Review

Real Good Coffee Company is a small team with a firm belief that good coffee should not come at a premium price for fancy packaging with exotic names. The team has been practicing the craft of roasting coffee in Seattle, WA, for over three decades. They are dedicated to bringing you good coffee at an even better price.

Are you looking to start your day with a cup of exotic coffee? Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee is full-bodied with pronounced notes. It has subtle hints of Sumatra's South Asian spices, cedar, flavors of bell pepper, a lemony acidity combined with bold roasted notes.

These coffee beans are sure to make your favorite beverage an invigorating one. Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean coffee is USDA Certified Organic. It is also Kosher friendly. This coffee does not contain preservatives, additives, and any other artificial ingredients. To ensure authentic flavor, the coffee beans used by Real Good Coffee Company are from a single origin. The coffee beans are sourced from Sumatra in Indonesia. So that the freshness is locked in, the coffee beans are roasted in Seattle, WA.

Real Good Coffee Company bridges the gap between sustainability, quality, and affordability. Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean coffee is suitable for use in most coffee machines such as Moka pot, espresso maker, drip machines, pour-over, aero press, and French press. For a truly enjoyable coffee experience, ensure you grind the coffee beans to a coarse or medium grind. The grind size depends largely on what type of coffee machine you use and what type of coffee you want to prepare.

If you are using a drip pot, to prepare coffee, you will require two tablespoons (approx. ten grams) of coffee for every six oz of water. Use medium grind coffee grounds for drip pot coffee. For French press coffee, use nine tablespoons (approx. fifty-five grams) for a thirty-four oz. A French press uses coarse grind coffee grounds for French press coffee. To get a beautiful coffee bloom, allow the grounds to steep for about four minutes prior to plunging. If pour-over coffee rocks your boat, you will need four tablespoons (approx. twenty-two grams) of coffee for every twelve oz. of water. Use medium grind coffee grounds for pour-over coffee.

Things We Liked

  • USDA Certified Organic and Kosher friendly coffee.
  • Full-bodied coffee with a balanced and smooth flavor.
  • The coffee beans used are from a single origin (from Sumatra, Indonesia) to give an uncorrupted and authentic flavor.
  • This coffee is suitable for use in most coffee machines such as Moka pot, espresso maker, drip machines, pour-over, aero press, and French press.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It can only be used with a medium or a coarse grind. The coffee grounds release a bitter and burnt flavor if you grind them too fine.

    III. Tiny Footprint Coffee - Organic Carbon Negative Coffee Review

    Tiny Footprint Coffee is the first carbon-negative coffee in the world, owing to collaboration between Mindo Cloudforest Foundation which is a nonprofit conservation organization, and an Artisan coffee roastery - Roastery 7.

    You may be wondering what makes Tiny Footprint Coffee carbon negative. It is quite simple, really. The production and distribution of 1 lb. of coffee generates nearly 4 lbs. carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

    For each pound of their coffee that is sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards funding reforestation in Mindo Cloudforest in Ecuador. 

    Over time, as the tree grows, they are expected to remove 54 lbs. of carbon dioxide. Since more carbon dioxide is removed than it is generated, Tiny Footprint Coffee becomes carbon negative.

    With every sip, you can enjoy the rich taste of shade-grown Arabica coffee. The tones of a bold dark roast combined with notes of decadent chocolate and traditional Nicaraguan flavors such as fig, apricot, and spice will leave you waiting eagerly for your next cup of coffee. This coffee is uniquely crafted for a clean and flavorful finish, regardless of which brewing style you use.

    To ensure you get the best coffee beans, the beans are test roasted and tasted prior to the approval of purchase from the source. The coffee beans are roasted in a 1960s German-built vintage Probat roaster. The roaster is retrofitted with new-age computer controls. The roastery is located in Minneapolis, MN.

    Every effort is being made to make the roastery carbon-negative. This includes the installation of fuel-efficient ribbon burners, high-efficiency lighting, packaging of the coffee beans in bio-degradable coffee bags, composting the coffee grounds, etc.

    Tiny Footprint Coffee is organically grown. It is USDA Certified Organic. It is also Fair Trade Certified and certified for Rain Forest Alliance. Besides environmental sustainability through reforestation, a part of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee help improve living standards of the coffee growers and fund programs in education and medical care. You can be assured that your coffee is earning you good karma as it fuels you to take on the day.

    Things We Liked

    • Carbon negative coffee helps reduce global carbon footprint.
    • Ethically grown and sourced.
    • USDA Certified Organic.
    • Delicate flavors of shade-grown coffee.
    • Notes of chocolate and traditional Nicaraguan flavors like fig, apricot, and spice.

    Things We Didn’t Like

    • The bio-degradable bag is great, but there is no vacuum sealing.

      IV. Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee Review

      Want your mornings to be active and productive? Want your coffee to wake you up thoroughly after a good night’s sleep? Trust Organic whole bean coffee from Death Wish Coffee Company to awaken you from the slumber and give you a boost of refreshing energy.

      Death Wish’s Organic whole bean coffee is a combination of premium robusta and Arabica beans. The blend is smooth, minus the bitterness. It has a bold and intense flavor with notes of rich chocolate and hints of cherry. It is a high-caffeine coffee that provides you with clarity and focus that are needed to get on with your hectic day.

      This dark roast coffee has very low acidity. It also doesn’t leave a lingering bitter aftertaste. Since this coffee does not impart a bitter taste through and after drinking, Death Wish Coffee is a preferred choice of leading baristas as well as mixologists who prepare coffee-based cocktails.

      Death Wish Coffee uses a unique roasting technique of temperature and time variation. This coffee is slowly roasted in state-of-the-art roasters to achieve a dark roast. This roasting technique gives a delicious blend that is low in acidity and has a strong yet smooth taste. Light roast coffee is high in caffeine content as compared to medium roast and dark roast coffee. However, owing to their signature blend of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans combined with the roasting technique, Death Wish Coffee ensures that you get 200% more caffeine compared to any other average coffee.

      As the name suggests, this coffee is organic (USDA Organic certified) and does not contain additional caffeine or any other additives. The premium quality coffee beans are Fair Trade certified. To lock in the freshness till the very end of the coffee bag, Death Wish Coffee is roasted in small batches of less than 65 lbs. in each batch. Roasting in small batches ensures consistency and quality. It also seals in the beautiful coffee aroma that helps elevate your coffee drinking experience. Death Wish Coffee is roasted by expert coffee roasters at their headquarters located in upstate New York. 

      Things We Liked

      • With 200% more caffeine Death Wish coffee gives you the clarity and focus that you to get going.
      • Coffee does not taste bitter and does not leave a bitter aftertaste, either.
      • The signature blend of carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans gives it a strong yet smooth taste.
      • Slow roasted in ultra-modern roasters with a unique roasting technique that gives it a dark roast, and low acidity but retained the caffeine.
      • It is roasted in small batches to keep up the consistency and quality.
      • USDA Organic certified, and Fair Trade certified.

        Things We Didn’t Like

        • High caffeine keeps your senses alert and boosts energy. Not recommended if you want to spend a relaxing evening, unwinding.

          V. Koffee Kult Gourmet Coffee Beans Review

          Good days begin with a good morning. And a good morning begins with great coffee. Gourmet coffee beans from Koffee Kult are 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans sourced from the exotic soils of Guatemala, Brazil, Sumatra, and Colombia.

          Koffee Kult artisan coffee roaster is a family-owned and operated enterprise. It is their careful attention to detail and commitment to great quality in roasting only the best coffee beans, which has led to their significant growth.

          This artisan coffee is hand-roasted by master coffee roasters in batches varying from two kilos to seventy kilos.

          Roasting coffee beans in small batches helps maintain the consistency and quality of the roast.

          The gourmet coffee beans are roasted in an environmentally friendly facility in Hollywood, Florida.

          Dark roast coffee beans release oil after they are roasted. It is this very oil released from the coffee bean, which makes the packaged coffee beans sitting on the shelf, go stale. Koffee Kult artisan coffee roasters use a roasting technique that keeps the coffee beans fresh for long. Koffee Kult’s dark roast coffee offers a smooth and bold flavor. This coffee does not impart a bitter flavor to your beverage. With every brew, enjoy the rich aroma as well as flavor notes of cinnamon and cocoa. This dark roast coffee is heavy-bodied and low in acidity.

          Koffee Kult gourmet whole bean coffee makes a great espresso shot. As an espresso, this blends delivers a smooth flavor profile with a heavy body. Get a unique tasting experience with the perky brightness, cinnamon twist, decadence of cocoa, and a long finish, which lingers sweetly. A single espresso shot gives a powerful adrenaline boost. You can add steamed or foamed milk to make delicious cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiato. Witness your kitchen getting engulfed in the strong and rich aroma as soon as the coffee canister is opened.

          Things We Liked

          • Coffee stays fresh for longer owing to the unique roasting technique.
          • Coffee adapts well to any brewing style and delivers great taste.
          • Coffee beans are roasted in small batches, which helps control the quality.

          Things We Didn’t Like

          • No organic or Fair Trade certified marks on the label.

            VI. Kicking Horse Kick-Ass Review

            Kick-Ass coffee is yet another great offering from Kicking Horse Coffee. Wake up with the rich aroma of smoky dark chocolate and silky sweet vanilla.

            This dark roast coffee will titillate your taste buds with the tasting notes of chocolate malt, licorice, molasses as well as an earthy lingering finish.

            Kick-Ass coffee is made with shade-grown Arabica beans.

            To enjoy the great taste of this flavorful coffee, we recommend, you make it using brewing methods such as French press coffee, pour-over coffee, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee.

            Kick-Ass coffee is grown in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The coffee beans are sourced from South America and Indonesia. It is roasted in the lap of Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks.

            Kick-Ass dark roast coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee is Kosher friendly. This coffee is organically grown. It is also USDA organic certified - which means ethical cultivation has been practiced by the coffee growers while farming the coffee beans. This coffee is also Fair Trade certified. This ensures that this coffee fair for both parties - the coffee growers and the coffee consumers. Through Fair Trade, the profits earned from the sale of coffee are used to empower the farmers. Fair Trade facilitates the investment of the profits back into the community to secure their future of the underprivileged coffee growers. It is an excellent dark roast coffee.

            Things We Liked

            • Kick-Ass dark roast coffee has a rich aroma of chocolate and vanilla combined with a great earthy taste that is sure to refresh you.
            • Made with shade-grown Arabica beans, this coffee is Kosher friendly.
            • USDA organic certified and Fair Trade certified to make sure this coffee is as good for the environment as it is for the coffee growers and consumers.

            Things We Didn’t Like

            • The bitter aftertaste lingers on for long.

              VII. Bizzy Organic Dark Roast Coffee Review

              Got a pressing deadline to meet? Got an important project to submit first thing in the morning tomorrow? Feeling lethargic but have an important meeting lined up in a few minutes?

              You definitely need a cup of great coffee to give you a boost of freshness and energy that will keep you going. When your coffee is crafted, especially for coffee lovers, you wouldn't expect anything less than a robust, delicious dark coffee.

              The Organic dark roast coffee from Bizzy Coffee is roasted to perfection.

              This coffee is made with Arabica beans that are ethically sourced from Peru and Guatemala. This coffee is organically cultivated where the coffee growers ensure they minimize pollution in the water, air, and soil during the cultivation process. They also use biological controls for maintaining soil health and managing weeds and pests. This coffee is USDA Organic certified.

              You can enjoy the rich aroma of Organic dark roast coffee from Bizzy Coffee wafting across your kitchen as you grind the coffee beans. Brew your coffee the way you like. To make a strong beverage, add less water and more coffee grounds. To make a less strong coffee, keep a higher water to coffee grounds ratio.

              Bizzy Coffee’s Organic dark roast coffee blend makes great hot beverages as well as cold. Grind the coffee beans to a coarse grind to make a delicious cold brew. Grind the beans medium to fine to get the optimum flavor to make a hot beverage. This coffee is suitable for various brewing techniques such as French press coffee, pour-over coffee, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee.

              Things We Liked

              • Refreshing aroma and flavorful notes of roasted molasses and a nutty overtone.
              • Organically cultivated and USDA Organic certified.
              • Makes great hot and cold beverages.

              Things We Didn't Like

              • Using a fine grind to make a hot beverage gives a charred taste without any characteristics of the original flavor profile.

                VIII. Black Rifle Coffee Company Blackbeard's Delight Review

                Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium conservative coffee company. This coffee company is owned by Veterans. Their mission is to stand by the Veterans and Service Members. A significant portion of proceeds from the sale of coffee goes directly towards supporting the causes which help veterans, the police force, and first responders. Enjoy your cup of coffee with pride. Your beverage is working hard to support the men and women in service.

                Blackbeard's Delight is a premium dark roast coffee from the arsenal of options available at Black Rifle Coffee Company. If you are still waking up to stale tasting coffee or weak coffee, it is about time you made the switch to Blackbeard's Delight. Before you even take the first sip, the smoky aroma will tingle your senses. 

                The robust flavor of Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans offers a robust flavor. The delectable notes of baker’s chocolate will be a treat to your taste buds.

                Drip machine coffee, French press coffee, pour-over coffee, or a cold brew - whichever brewing style rocks your boat, Blackbeard's Delight is ready to deliver the same flavorful cup every single time. Their coffee is roasted to order in small batches to ensure freshness and maintain quality.

                Things We Liked

                • Owned by Veterans and supports those in service.
                • Smoky aroma and a robust flavor.
                • Tastes great in all brewing styles.

                Things We Didn’t Like

                • Loses freshness towards the end of the bag.

                  Dark Roast Coffee Guide - What to Look for When Purchasing Dark Roast Coffee?

                  Whole beans

                  Always try to purchase whole beans. Even though pre-ground coffee may seem like an easy and convenient option, you are likely to miss out on a whole lot of flavor just to save a few minutes. Exposure to air robs the coffee grounds of their freshness, flavor, and aroma. The oxidation process is accelerated every time the jar/bag of coffee grounds is opened. You may have noticed that the coffee flavor and aroma is vibrant when the coffee bag is new and muted towards the end of the bag. Well, needless to say, that investing a good coffee grinder is a great idea!

                  Roast date

                  It may seem like nothing can go wrong with the freshness of packaged coffee, since it has an airtight seal. However, that is not the case. As soon as the coffee beans are taken out of the roasting environment, their chemistry begins to change almost immediately. The coffee beans go through a process called degassing. This is where the beans start releasing carbon dioxide from the roasting process. When the coffee bean degasses, its oils begin to oxidize. Oxidization gradually diminishes the coffee beans’ flavor.

                  After roasting and degassing, the coffee beans are cooled and packaged. No matter where the coffee beans are sourced from, they are generally roasted in the country or state they will be sold in. Roasting the coffee beans closer to the time of sale helps ensure that freshest beans reach the consumer at the earliest possible. When purchasing your favorite dark roast coffee online or off the shelf, you may want to ensure the roast date is between four days to two weeks.

                  Identity of the coffee roaster

                  When you are purchasing coffee beans from an independent coffee shop or your local grocer, be sure to check the label for who has roasted the beans. Every coffee roaster has its own specific process and style of roasting the coffee beans. Good coffee roasters can carve a niche for themselves in the roasters’ community. There is an annual award - Good Food Award, where the best roasters across the United States are nominated. Hence, if the roaster's name is highlighted on the coffee bag label, you can rest assured, you are getting a well-roasted bean.

                  Origin of the coffee bean

                  The altitude at which the coffee plants are grown, the composition and chemistry of the soil in which the coffee plants are grown, how much rainfall, sunshine, and shade the coffee plants have received, are all important factors that determine how the coffee will eventually taste. A number of countries produce coffee. But coffee from each country has a different flavor profile.

                  For instance, Kona coffee from Hawaii is sought after for its rich flavor and floral aromatics. Colombian coffee grown with care and attention in the small family farms offers well-balanced acidity, mild notes of nuttiness, and caramel-like sweetness. Brazilian coffee is grown on a variety of altitudes is heavy-bodied and offers a wider palette of flavors. 

                  Ethiopian coffee beans have fruity and wine-like notes. Indonesian coffee from places like Java and Sumatra have low acidity and a deeper body. When purchasing your favorite dark roast coffee, look for the origin of the bean to know what kind of flavor profile to expect. It must also be noted that in some coffee beans, where the notes are very mild, the chances are that they may be entirely subdued due to the roasting process.

                  Is it USDA Organic?

                  In most cases, 'organic' is just a fancy word used by marketers to sell a product for a higher price. However, when you see a ‘USDA Organic’ label on a coffee bag, you can rest assured the coffee in the bag is produced in accordance with the following conditions:

                  -Coffee growers use farming techniques that minimize pollution in the water, air, and soil during the cultivation process.

                  -Coffee growers take active measures to restore, maintain, as well as enhance local biodiversity.

                  -Coffee growers take measures to integrate their coffee plantation into the local environment. At the same time, ensure that the balance of the ecological systems is not disrupted.

                  -Coffee growers use traditional methods like biological controls for maintaining soil health and managing weeds and pests.

                  -Coffee growers refrain from using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers composed of synthetic ingredients, ionizing radiation, or bio-engineering.

                  The primary objective of the USDA Organic label is making sure the farmers do everything they can restore and maintain the local biodiversity and effectively manage soil health without resorting to conventional chemicals. This does not mean, organic coffee or other organic products are completely free of chemicals. However, the chemicals approved to be used in organic farming are very limited.

                  FAQs about Dark Roast Coffee

                  Is it a good idea to bulk purchase dark roast whole beans?

                  Bulk purchase is a very lucrative strategy when it comes to saving money. This, however, will most likely ruin your coffee experience by the end of the third week, assuming you bought freshly roasted beans. If you purchase too much coffee at a time, you may wind up wasting most of it due to lack of freshness. In case you purchase coffee from a local roaster, and they refuse to sell small quantities, you may want to consider other options such as buying coffee off the shelf or online.

                  Does the brewing style have any correlation with the roast date of the coffee beans?

                  As mentioned earlier, the roast date of the coffee beans must be between four days to two weeks at the time of purchase to ensure optimal freshness. The roast date of the coffee beans has a direct impact on the flavor and aroma. Additionally, the brewing style will determine how your coffee tastes. For instance, if you are making pour-over coffee, using coffee beans within their first-week post roasting, you will get a brilliant coffee bloom. If you are looking to make a nice shot of espresso, you will want to let the coffee beans rest for a little longer - about ten days to two weeks. After the coffee beans are eighteen days to three weeks from the roast date, you can use them to make a refreshing cold brew.

                  Why should I opt for dark roast coffee over light roast or medium roast coffee?

                  Dark roast coffee has lower acidity, compared to light roast and medium roast coffee. Dark roasts release oils during the roasting process. Lightly roasted beans are dry. As the roast gets darker, the caffeine level in the coffee bean decreases. If you are someone who needs a caffeine kick in the morning to feel fresh, you can opt for a light roast coffee and opt for a dark roast coffee to keep you going through the rest of the day. Coffee beans from different regions and climates, render a different taste to the coffee. It is best to occasionally explore various flavors and roasts until you find one that you want to settle on.

                  How do I store coffee to retain maximum freshness?

                  If you purchase coffee beans from your local roaster, check with them about their roasting schedule. This way, you can get the freshest beans. If the coffee beans you have bought, come packed in a paper bag, you will want to transfer them into an opaque and airtight coffee canister at the earliest possible. Make sure to store the coffee beans in a cool and dry place. A dark environment would be ideal as well for preventing losing the flavor and aroma. Always keep the coffee beans away from direct sunlight.

                  Note: Avoid tightening the lid of the coffee canister, if the coffee beans are freshly roasted. After being roasted, coffee beans go through a process called degassing wherein they release carbon dioxide. Leave the lid on a little loose for the built-up gas to escape.

                  Is there an ethical way to dispose of used coffee grounds?

                  It hurts to see so much of used coffee winding up in the trash. Coffee that winds up in the trash, eventually goes to the landfills and generates methane gas. Methane gas is extremely toxic to our environment. There are so many ways to repurpose used coffee grounds. Dark roast coffee is less acidic in nature and also contains considerably less caffeine. You can mix the used grounds with skin nourishing oils or body butter to make a coffee scrub to exfoliate your skin. Alternatively, you can use the used coffee grounds in your garden. Disperse the used grounds around the plants and see how healthy your plants become. Used coffee grounds are a great addition to compost as well.


                  It is necessary to keep a number of things in mind when you buy dark roast coffee. We generally tend to focus on things such as the quality of the coffee bean. If the coffee beans are organic or not? How fresh are the coffee beans? How much time has it been since the beans were roasted? Where is the bean from, and what flavors can be expected in your cup of coffee? How much quantity of coffee should you purchase? However, what we usually tend to miss out on is if the coffee beans have been ethically sourced. Were the coffee beans acquired through fair trade?

                  Fairtrade International is an initiative to promote ethical trade conditions for underprivileged producers to help make their economic conditions better. Underprivileged producers will enjoy sustainable economic development if the trade is better organized and transparent. FLO-CERT, a third-party inspection organization, regularly audits products that claim Fairtrade International on their label.

                  Fair Trade Certified is a member of Fairtrade International. Fair Trade Certified welcomes producers belonging to income levels, instead of focusing only on disadvantaged producers. Their goal is to encourage the development of communities and empower them through a socially conscious and sustainable trade model. This trade model benefits all the parties involved - from the farmer to the consumer.

                  Fair Trade Federation, also known as FTF, hold the member companies to stringent fair trade standards. Fair Trade Federation has a set of nine principles, which the member companies must abide by. Fair for Life certified is not specific to any product. It is a third-party non-profit organization that certifies every step in the process of production. Fair for Life certification also certifies companies. Their goal is to create fair, ethical, and respectful partnerships between the producers, workers, sellers as well as the buyers.

                  Though it is debatable if a certification for fair trade equates to best coffee beans, a fair trade label assures that the coffee growers, the workers, and everyone else in the production process were duly compensated as well as the environment was properly cared for. It is recommended that you thoroughly research various fair trade labels to determine which certification or organization best matches your values. You can also check the 7 Factors to Your Perfect Coffee Roast here.

                  Our Top Pick: Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw Coffee
                  • Quality
                  • Packing
                  • Price
                  • Taste
                  • Editor's Rating


                  Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee ensures that you begin your day with a flavorful cup of Joe. It is made with shade-grown Arabica beans sourced from around the world. Grizzly Claw dark roast coffee offers rich notes of cacao nibs, dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and brown sugar. For you to get the optimal flavor of this delicious coffee, the recommended brewing methods are French press coffee, pour-over coffee, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee.
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