Top 5 Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2017 | Reviews and Top Picks


The French Press, also called a coffee press, press pot, coffee plunger, or cafetiere, is becoming increasingly popular in the world of coffee brewing. This machine is simple, easy to use and helps in producing great-tasting coffee. It has many advantages over the standard drip coffee maker, yet is more affordable and easier to obtain.

To achieve superior coffee taste and quality, the first step is to find the best French Press on the market. This can be quite challenging due to the overwhelming number of products available. By knowing what to look for and what features to consider when buying, your search will be a more successful one.​

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French Press Reviews

1. Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The Frieling French Press is made from durable stainless steel material, making it resistant to wear and ideal to use every day. It measures 10 inches high and has a 36-ounce capacity.

The carafe does not contain BPA and is built with double-wall insulation, thereby allowing it to retain heat 4 times longer than regular glass pots. You can use the pot not only for hot brewed coffee, but also for cold beverages such as milk, juice, water and iced tea. You can also use it to brew loose tea.

This French Press is available in two designs, thereby suiting different consumer preferences. You can either have an interior and exterior brushed finishes or interior brushed and exterior mirror finishes.

The two-stage filtration system features a pre-filter and extra-fine mesh filter to ensure that the finish product is sediment-free. The metal wire inside the coil presses the plunger against the inside wall of the pot, ensuring that no grounds can escape.​

The Frieling French Press is backed with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty against factory defects. Frieling provides replacement parts, as needed.​


  • Authentic design and durable quality
  • Dishwasher-safe components - The plunger does not require disassembly.
  • The pot can function as a serving pitcher. You can also use it for both hot and cold beverages.
  • Features a full-length handle, making the carafe more comfortable to use
  • The plunger mechanism also has a stainless steel construction.
  • Easy and quick to use – The entire brewing process only takes 4 minutes.
  • 5-year warranty


    • The pot is not meant for use as a thermos, which many people expect it to be. It cannot keep the coffee hot as long as an actual thermos can.
    • There is no way to seal the container during the steeping process.
    • The screen filter may also be difficult to clean.

      2. SterlingPro French Coffee Press

      The SterlingPro French Press is crafted from borosilicate glass, which offers durability and high resistance to heat. The stainless steel frame protects the glass from all sides, making the carafe durable and aesthetically beautiful at the same time. The double-wall stainless steel framework prevents chips, scrapes and scratches, and provides great insulation for your coffee.

      The double-screen filtration system guarantees that no coffee ground makes its way to your cup. Even the finest granules will get trapped in the filter, ensuring that your coffee is as pure as possible. The handle of the carafe is made of insulated plastic material with a velvety finish, making the press look artistic while offering ease of use.

      Since this French press has a double-wall stainless steel construction, the coffee brew stays warm for extended periods of time. A coffee that is consumed two hours after brewing will still feel warm and taste rich, as if it was newly brewed. You can also carry the SterlingPro French Press on the go, so you can have a drink of your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere. The package comes with 2 additional replacement screens as special bonuses.​


      • The borosilicate glass with stainless steel rims offers superior durability and appealing design
      • The pot is heat-resistant, easy to operate, and has a comfortable handle.
      • ​The double-screen filtration method can filter tiny granules to deliver a satisfying coffee experience.
      • Double-wall insulation, which retains heat longer
      • Durable construction, thereby preventing chipping and scratches.
      • It can be used as a mug and be brought on the go.
      • It comes with spare replacement screens.


        • The coating on the lid tends to peel off easily.
        • The lid of the French press has a plastic liner that may come in contact with your coffee. Many people do not like having any plastic in their coffee presses.
        • The assembly can be tricky to break down for cleaning.
        • The metal case may rust if kept wet.

          3. KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

          The KONA French Press is made of extra-thick borosilicate glass. It is reasonably durable and thermal shock-resistant, making the pot ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. The carafe has a unique protective shell designed to prevent chips, scratches and cracks. It features a rubber plunger knob and quick press to promote ease of use.

          The removable 3-piece stainless steel filtration system ensures that the essence of the coffee is preserved during the entire brewing process. The machine also works for tea and espresso. During summer, you can use it to brew ice tea and iced coffee.

          The KONA French Press uses classic brewing method, which efficiently extracts the coffee beans' essential oils to deliver bold and rich flavor to your every cup. It is compact, lightweight and portable, so you can bring it with you and enjoy great coffee anywhere. The durable, comfortable handle promotes effortless pouring.

          The mug itself is BPA/BPS-free, making it safe for everyday use. The carafe is dishwasher-safe and offers easy maintenance and storage. It comes with one spare replacement screen.​


          • Features a durable, aesthetic design
          • Resistant to thermal shock, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe
          • Features an outer shell, which protects the carafe from chips, cracks and scratches
          • The 3-piece infuser filter system ensures no sediment reaches your cup.
          • Versatile – You can use it to brew both hot and cold beverages.
          • Lightweight and portable, and can fit comfortably into your bag during travels
          • Features a comfort handle and quick-press plunger
          • Easy to use, maintain and store


            • The KONA French Press is not insulated, so it can’t keep your coffee warm for more than 30 minutes.
            • After several uses, the plunger tends to become unstable. This creates several problems during the brewing process. As such, the machine may not be considered as a long-lasting solution to your everyday brewing needs.
            • The filter is relatively functional, but may not be as effective as other brands when it comes to filtering super-fine granules.

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              4. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

              The SterlingPro Double Wall French Press has 1-liter brewing capacity, which can produce around 4 mugs or 8 cups of coffee. This is a durable and elegant-looking French press, which promises to fulfill your daily coffee needs. Both the interior and exterior are made of durable 18/10 stainless steel that is rust-proof and dishwasher-safe.

              The double-wall insulation design keeps your coffee warm for a longer time, while the outside remains cool enough to touch. It also has a stylish mirror finish, making it an ideal gift for weddings, birthdays and house warming.

              This machine uses double-screen filter system to ensure that no coffee ground ever finds its place in your mug. The second screen filters the tiny granules that escape through the primary screen. It also presses the primary screen so that it touches the wall more evenly and tightly.

              This brewing method results to rich-tasting coffee, leaving no traces of grounds in the mouth. Further, the SterlingPro double-wall French press contains no plastic parts and comes with 2 extra mesh screens.


              • Built with double-wall stainless steel construction for durability and insulation
              • Dishwasher-safe and does not rust easily
              • Keeps your coffee or tea warm for longer periods
              • Has a stylish, attractive design, and makes a good gift for friends and family members
              • It employs an exclusive double-screen system, which filters tiny coffee grounds, delivering a more satisfying coffee experience each time.
              • Does not come with plastic components.
              • Delivered in solid packaging and comes with 2 extra stainless steel screens


                • The part, which connects the filter plunger to the center shaft appears to be fragile.
                • The stainless steel tends to produce powder when the plunger scrapes the wall. That powder can be dangerous if ingested.
                • The carafe does not have measurement markings, making the process of gauging the water level somewhat tricky.

                  5. Kitchen Supreme French Press

                  Kitchen Supreme offers a 3-in-1 bundle with their French Press coffee, tea, and espresso maker. The package comes with 1 stainless steel measuring spoon for sugar, honey, and dessert; 4 screen filters; 1 tea/coffee scoop; 1 hard copy of barista secrets and instructions and a special ECO packaging

                  The Kitchen Supreme French Press is made of strong and heat-resistant Double German glass, delivering extreme durability and endurance. It offers pure and perfect extraction of the coffee’s subtle flavors and essential oils to produce superior coffee taste.

                  The 4-screen filters are intended to suit each type of coffee grounds. It makes creamy, foamy, pure and velvety coffee. You can also use the exclusive stainless steel plunger system as a tea infuser.

                  This French Press works great not only for hot coffees and teas, but also for iced tea, hot chocolate, frothed milk, almond milk, fruit infusions, lemonades, plant tinctures, cashew milk, rinse quinoa, and more. The machine is backed with a 5-year warranty.


                  • Offers a superior bundle with tea, espresso and coffee maker.
                  • Complete with all the utensils you need to make great-tasting coffee and other beverages.
                  • The lid and the carafe itself are made of durable Double German glass.
                  • The brewing process completely extracts the essential oils and flavors from the coffee grounds.
                  • The 4-filter system enhances your coffee experience by providing different types of coffee texture.
                  • This is a versatile French press as you can use it to make virtually all kinds of hot and cold beverages.
                  • It has 5-year warranty.


                    • The glass of the French press seems to be too thin, thus may break easily if not handled properly.
                    • It doesn’t have a rubber seal like other presses do, so the coffee grounds tend to slip right through.
                    • The product is not that resistant to extreme temperatures.

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                      Benefits of Using a French Press

                      enefits of Using a French Press

                      A French Press offers the most ideal way to enjoy your coffee. In comparison to traditional drip machines, it offers more valuable benefits, such as the following.

                      • No Filters - Drip-style coffee makers use paper filters that tend to remove the essential oils in the coffee and reduce the richness of its flavor. A French Press does not use such filter and ensures all of the coffee’s essential oils are completely extracted and contained in the finished product. Drip machines also result to more acidity since the essence of the coffee has been reduced.
                      • Temperature Control - A French Press employs a simple heating process, which heats water quickly and correctly before it passes into the chamber. Since water is heated separately, you can easily control its temperature to preserve good coffee quality.
                      • Coffee Strength - A French Press brews coffee naturally. The grounds and hot water sit in the machine without interference, allowing the flavors and oils of the beans to blend with the water completely. It also offers different brewing times, so you can steep your coffee for as briefly or as long as you desire.
                      • Simple Brewing Process - Brewing coffee is easier with a French Press because it only involves pouring the grounds into the pot and covering them as they steep in hot water. Drip coffee makers require sizing a filter, placing grounds in the filter, filling up a reservoir, and waiting for several minutes as the machine cycles through a number of stages.
                      • Easy to Clean - A French Press is usually a basic glass or stainless steel cylinder, which is easy to clean and maintain. It comprises simple, removable parts that require minimal time and effort to wash. With drip machines, cleaning is more demanding because the water reservoir is tough to reach into.

                      Considerations When Buying the Best French Press


                      Whether you are buying a French Press for the first time or replacing an old one, you want to ensure you're getting the product, which offers the best value for your money. Before making a purchase, evaluate your needs and take the following factors into careful consideration:

                      • Construction - Stainless steel, glass, ceramic and plastic are the most common construction materials used in making a French Press. Stainless steel is non-reactive, offers excellent heat retention and does not confer a metallic taste to the coffee. Glass helps users in gauging brewing strength and is noted for its elegant design and ease of use. Ceramic French presses offer durability and can hold temperatures well, while plastic is favored for its affordability. However, many people tend to shy away from plastic products for fear of chemicals leaking into the brew.
                      • Capacity - A full-size French Press can typically produce a full cup of coffee. If you wish to make multiple cups at one brewing, choose a press with a more generous capacity and allows you to brew enough coffee for several drinkers. Since most French Press carafes don’t employ warming methods, it is important to consider the natural heat retention of the product you’re buying. A French Press with a large capacity won’t be of much value if it cannot keep the beverage hot for a reasonable amount of time.
                      • Ease of Use - French Presses don’t rely on complicated mechanisms or electricity to function, but they have delicate moving components that require minute maintenance. Any tear or damage to the assembly parts may result to the grounds escaping into the end product. Many French Presses have unique features that reduce the likelihood of coffee grounds skipping the filtering process, making the finished product as pure and smooth as possible. Models that are dishwasher-safe and come with easily dismantled filter and plunger assemblies are the best choices.
                      • Price - There is no considerable difference in the quality of the finished product produced by low-end and high-end models. However, price becomes a main consideration where durability, reliability, construction and ease of operation are concerned. In general, high-priced French Press coffee makers offer a more solid construction and better heat retention, while budget-priced models tend to focus on serving size variations and enhanced visibility during the coffee-brewing process.
                      • Warranty - When buying a French Press, make sure it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that should cover you in case there are issues with the plunger or lid, defects in the carafe, or other damages that will make the product unusable.

                      How to use a French Press to Brew Coffee

                      1. Remove the plunger and rinse it with warm or hot water. To keep the coffee hot a bit longer, pour hot water into the coffee pot and cups before actually using them. Let sit for a few minutes and remove hot water.
                      2. Add 2 rounded tablespoons of grounds for every 8 oz. of hot (not boiling) water. You will notice that most of the grounds float at this point. Stir the water gently with a wooden or plastic spoon to sink the grounds.
                      3. Place the plunger back on the press and twist the lid to prevent the steam from escaping. Do not push the plunger down. Allow the coffee to brew for four minutes.
                      4. Slowly lower the plunge to push the grounds to the bottom of the cylinder. Once the plunger is pushed all the way down, open the lid and pour the brewed coffee into your cup.
                      5. Add sugar and creamer as you wish and enjoy. Remember to pour the entire content into another container(s) as it will keep brewing if you let it sit in the pot.

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                      All of the French Press coffee makers described above are worth trying. All of them have impressive features and are capable of producing rich-tasting coffee.

                      However, with all things considered, the SterlingPro French Coffee Press appears to be the best among the bunch. It has all the qualities that make the best French Press - durable, well-insulated, easy to use, uses efficient filtration method, and has good brewing capacity. You can even bring anywhere.

                      Be sure to clean your French Press after every use to improve its longevity. Follow proper maintenance and storage practices, and always handle your coffee makers with extra care. Happy brewing!​

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