Best Home Espresso Machine Reviews 2020

Best Home Espresso Machines

Are you tired of paying an arm and leg whenever you want a decent cup of coffee? Or perhaps you dream about waking up on Saturday morning and walking no further than the kitchen for your Starbucks perfect cappuccino?

Well, if so, you might have considered buying your own home espresso machine. Espresso machines are usually the type of machines used commercially in cafes and restaurants, so they arguably make the best coffee (although it depends on preference, I’m sorry french press lovers!). If you love coffee, a home espresso machine can be a great investment as it really elevates the flavors and smoothness of each cup.

But as you may have noticed, there are so many different models on the market, how will ever choose one? There are enormous multi-cup contraptions or modest, more basic affairs. There are milk steamers, bean grinders, filters or nespresso pods. And don’t get me started on the price range! But do they all make good coffee? Is there anything you should look out for?

Well, don’t despair. We have searched the market for the best home espresso machines out there. We have reviewed a range of different styles for you to help you out on your quest for the perfect machine for you.

Check them out now!

A. Best Home Espresso Machines | Our Top Picks

I. Espresso Machine 3.5 Bar 4 Cup Espresso Maker Cappuccino Machine with Steam Milk Frother and Carafe 

Let’s start with a small, simple, yet powerful machine. It's perfect if you want a decent cup of coffee without breaking the bank. The 3.5 bar pressure has decent power and can make between 1 and 4 cups of smooth espresso coffee. It is also powerful enough to maintain the temperature of the coffee. The design, however, is small and light, saving space on your countertop while being easy to move around and clean. The size also means its a great machine to take traveling or perhaps into the office.

Do you love lattes and cappuccinos? No worries.This coffee maker comes with a milk frothing arm to add creamy froth to your espresso blend and create the exact coffee you want. The cappuccino art may take a little more time to learn! 

Espresso Machine 3.5 Bar 4 Cup Espresso Maker Cappuccino Machine

Our #1 Recommended

The machine is super easy to use with just a single knob to select the correct function; transform-coffee/steam selector, on/off. There is a handy indicator light as well. As well as the machine you will get a filter and funnel, a spoon and a carafe.

To use you just add water into the main compartment from the top, add coffee grounds into the portafilter which you screw in tightly and your good to go. Let the coffee drip into the jug. You can froth the milk directly in the carafe.

So if you are looking for a reasonably priced, robust and quick espresso machine, try this one!

II. Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870X

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t see the point in doing a half-hearted job? You want to invest in a coffee machine, and you want to do it properly. Well, look no further than the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine. A beautiful coffee machine, or dare I say even, a full coffee experience. Whether you like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites, the possibilities are endless. The Barista Express has settings for single shots and double shots and comes with micro foam milk texturing wand that adds to the flavour and even allows you to make latte art!

With a built in grinder, you can grind right before each cup. Coffee has never tasted so fresh. There is a simple dial on the front so you can even choose your preferred grind size depending on the beans you use and how you like your coffee.

It delivers the correct, measured amount of coffee each time directly into the portafilter. The smart cradle allows you hands free action as you can rest the portafilter while you grind. Then with digital temperature control, the water is heated to the optimal temperature, allowing for precise espresso extraction. 

The shiny stainless steel aesthetic will sit majestically on any counter. It's super quick to make a cup of coffee too, in fact it claims it will take less than a minute for the whole bean to espresso process. And depending on how you feel you can choose automatic or manual operation.

Although the price tag is higher, if your a coffee fanatic with the Barista Express you are really investing in a lifestyle that will last you a long time.

III. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker | Café Barista , Silver

So you want to make cappuccinos but don’t like the idea of having to learn how to froth your own milk with an intimidating looking wand? Don’t worry. With the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino maker the hard work is done for you.

This semi-automatic coffee maker can make espressos, cappuccinos and lattes that will rival any coffeehouse. It’s really simple to use, a perfect starter machine if you don’t have barista experience. Just fill up the milk and water reservoirs and use the one touch controls to pick your grounds and beverage of choice. 

If you are feeling tired, you can easily double your caffeine hit with options for single and double shots too!

The milk reservoir is removable so you can easily store it in the fridge when you aren’t using the machine. Make sure to wash out the milk frothing tube regularly as it can cause variation in the frothing. If you are feeling adventurous there is even a recipe book included to make all sorts of drinks from a raspberry cappuccino to an espresso martini. 

Overall the Mr Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino machine is a robust, simple-to-use three in one coffee maker. It is mid-range in terms of price and in return you get a reliable machine as well as looking smart with a sleek silver and black design. Why not give it a go?

IV. EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker Barista Bundle Set w/Built-In Steamer & Frother (Inc: Coffee Bean Grinder, Milk Frothing Cup, Spoon/Tamper & 2 Cups), Stainless Steel 

Another all-in-one option here complete with bean grinder, cappuccino maker and built in steamer. This EspressoWorks seven piece coffee system has everything you need to bring barista grade coffee into your kitchen. For all the features it has to offer, this coffee machine is very reasonably priced. So if you are looking to invest in a full-on home espresso machine, this one is a great choice that doesn’t break the bank.

Just add the coffee beans to the plug-in electric bean grinder and water to the removable water tank and you can start making espressos, americanos and macchiatos.

Fill the portafilter with coffee and screw in to get started. For cappuccinos and lattes simply froth up some milk using the steam wand in the stainless steel milk jug provided and combine with the hot espresso for the ultimate drink. 

The taste has never been better as it uses a powerful 15 bar pump pressure system for the perfect crema on your espresso. 

This stainless steel machine looks impressive in any kitchen, and it's easy to clean too. The frothing arm is detachable for easy cleaning and there is a removable drip tray. The machine also has the safety and energy-saving feature that it will switch off after 25 minutes without use so you don’t need to stress too much about leaving it on. 

EspressoWorks have sold over 10,000 of these machines and boast top customer service. So if you are after a coffee machine that has the works and that you can truly rely on, this could be the machine for you!

V. Nespresso by De'Longhi ENV135B Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

If you have paid any attention to coffee machines in the last few years, no doubt you have heard of Nespresso. Those magic little plastic pods that you simply feed into your coffee maker like a vending machine to receive a café standard espresso in return. No beans, no grounds, no mess, no fuss. This coffee machine is perfect for people who want to make their coffee with maximum ease.

You have a variety of different cup size choices for different coffees including espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee and alto. Each capsule makes a single-serve coffee that maintains the same great quality every time!

This one takes Nespresso Vertuo capsules and every machine purchase comes with a complimentary pack of 12, each with different strengths and flavours.The machine is simple and quick to use, the water takes just 15 seconds to heat up so you don’t have to wait around for your morning cup.

It has a large 54 oz water tank so you don’t have to keep refilling, and the removable, internal used capsule collector collects up to 17 capsules. It is easy to move around as to use it you just plug it in, fill the water tank and press go. After nine minutes of inactivity it shuts off automatically to save energy.

VI. Breville BEC120RED1AUC1 Inissia Espresso Machine, 100, Red

This final machine is another Nespresso based one. It takes Nespresso Inissia capsules instead of using any bean grinder or loose grounds. But super simple nature of the machine doesn’t mean you lose out on taste. This machine delivers barista grade coffee in seconds, you can even choose to buy pods with your favourite flavour or strength. Just lift up the lever to reveal the capsule slot, place the capsule inside, add water to the tank and press the one-touch button. Hey presto, with up to 19 bar power behind it, you get a hot steaming cup of coffee. This smart machine is energy efficient and has two programmable settings for cup size - espresso and lungo. It is also great to throw straight over ice for a refreshing ice coffee.

The Breville Inissia machine comes with a free welcome kit with 14 different capsules so you can identify your favourite! It is quite small and portable so easy to move around the kitchen or office, in fact the no mess nature of the capsules means you can put it anywhere you want.

Breville BEC120RED1AUC1 Inissia Espresso Machine