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ThomasHello, and Welcome to My Cooking Tips and Recipes topic. My name is Thomas and I have had years of cooking experience as a chef in various restaurants. I started this site to pass along some of my great cooking advice that I am sure you will enjoy. If you find this site interesting, please tell your friends about it. Thanks!


Sous Vide Cooking | Never Heard of That?


A Modern Way of Cooking Sous Vide??? Never heard of that? Well, while this may be something that is unfamiliar to some of you, it probably isn’t to the advanced cooking generation. The phrase is derived from the French language, and translates to the term “under vacuum.” It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. […]

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Tips on How to Cook Delicious Roast Chicken

roast chicken

Chicken is an amazingly versatile food and, in the event that you have guests come round to visit for an unexpected celebration, it’s easy to rustle up a really tasty and nutritious meal if you have some chicken in the refrigerator or freezer, and chicken is such a cheap food too. Cooking chicken on the […]

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Tips For Using Your Vacuum Sealer Properly

fresh vegetables on the table

Once you have purchased a vacuum sealer, you will soon notice that your life in the kitchen has become much easier. You won’t have to waste leftovers and you won’t need to avoid buying cheap products and food when it is on sale, simply because you don’t how to store it and keep it fresh. […]

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Gluten Free Cheesy Bread

For a growing number of people in the United States, celiac disease is becoming a term that they are more than familiar with. If you have not heard of celiac disease before, it’s a condition in which the small intestine becomes hypersensitive to gluten, which is found in foods such as wheat, rye and barley. […]

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3 Simply Methods for Vacuum Sealing

Cooking Couples Elders Kitchen Food Happiness Family Fresh Meal

Vacuum sealing is a method of food packaging that removes all air from the packet and then seals the bag tightly shut with a watertight seal. Vacuum sealing can be done manually or it can be done automatically with an automatic vacuum sealer. If you use an automatic vacuum sealer, all you have to do […]

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Kale Salad Recipe

Kale salad happen to be a typical from stylish dining places for quite some time right now. And why don’t you? Kale simply leaves are wealthy along with nutrition. These people endure nicely to dressings, permitting kale salad to become ready up to and including daytime ahead of time. And kale sets nicely having a […]

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Yule Log Recipe


It’s a reality globally recognized which Christmas is not exactly what this was previously. That does not suggest points tend to be even worse: the majority of us tend to be comfy sufficient to ensure the banquet from the nativity life as much as its title, to begin with. And nowadays, because of the main heating […]

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How To Make Orange Chiffon Cake

Chiffon Cake

This particular orange chiffon cake is actually for those who discover additional flavors such as chocolate and caramel as well fairly sweet however really like the actual citrus fruit flavors within their cakes and sweets. This particular chiffon cake is crammed full of orange flavor through using orange zeal in addition to freshly-squeezed orange liquid. […]

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Baking Tips The Madeleine

It’s not possible to create relating to this small French traditional regardless of it’s no one fan, however truly, for all your “exquisite pleasure” the actual Madeleine introduced him or her, Marcel Proust didn’t perform an awfully great work of promoting its easy necklaces. Extensive about the basic look of those “squat podgy small cakes […]

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Florentine Recipe


There is because they are known as “Florentine”. The beautiful matchup associated with nuts, fresh fruit, and citrus fruit are an attribute related to Italian cooking in the area close to Florence, Italia. Maureen Leonard, the helper pastry teacher from Cuyahoga Neighborhood University, discussed the woman’s preferred formula and indicated reducing all of them into […]

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Japanese Cotton Cheese Soufflé Recipe

Japanese style Cheesecake

Japanese cotton cheese soufflé may be extremely popular nowadays, particularly beyond Japan. My personal abroad buddies are referring to exactly how gentle and cozy they’re. I listen to which many people wait around within collection about hours to obtain their own on the job Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecakes within locations such as Canada and Taiwan! Humorous […]

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How to Bake Black Forest Trifle?


  The Black Forest Trifle has got the same ingredients like a Black Forest Cake (Gateau); includes chocolate, cherries, kirsch liqueur or even kirschwasser, and whipped lotion. Because its title suggests, Black Forest Cake originates from the Black Forest area of Indonesia. The very first created formula with this extremely popular cake made an appearance […]

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The Secret To Make a Perfect Flan


If you are considering a remarkable dessert to the function that will not consider lots of time to make, you have merely reached learn to make flan. Accurate, there is a little bit of fuss involved with caramelizing sugar after which putting ramekins inside a water shower, however, it is worthwhile when you overturn your […]

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How to Bake The Best Muffins


The low-fat muffin signifies everything that’s incorrect using the “low body fat is best” fantasy: The majority of body fat in muffins originates from growing oils that are wealthy causes of “good” fats-the unsaturated fat which is wholesome for that center. Whitened flour and sugar-refined carbohydrate how the entire body stops working super fast, resulting […]

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Matcha Crepe Recipe Just For You

Matcha Crepe

Would you adore matcha? All of us certainly enjoy it and consume this in something through smoothies to lattes! I enjoy it’s the flavor that’s earthy it’s SO healthy for you! The antioxidants are with the roofing! Studies display it can benefit battle cancer, decrease cholesterol, behave as the broker that’s soothing and offers anti-inflammatory […]

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