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1. FoodSaver Premium 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System

The FoodsSaver 5860 vacuum sealing system is a superb two-in-one food sealing solution for the family kitchen. With automatic bag dispensing, rewinding and cutting, and a handheld sealer for zip-lock bags, canisters and containers, it can be used for Sous Vide cooking as well. It’s another winner from FoodSaver, one of the best-known names in food sealers.

Editor's Rating: 4.8

FoodSaver Premium 2-In-1

Premium Quality

2. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

The FoodSaver V2244 will vacuum seal all kinds of food in no time at all. This FoodSaver model may not have all the automatic features of some other models, but that’s all part of the beauty of this straight forward and simple to use food vacuum sealing solution.

Editor's Rating: 4.6


Economy Model

3. FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Our recommended choice for the best home vacuum sealer in its class is the incredibly easy to use and highly popular FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system. This model includes a dishwasher safe drip tray, a retractable hand held sealer, moist and dry food settings, and roll storage and a built in bag cutter. This is definitely one of the best automatic external vacuum sealers on the market right now.

Editor's Rating: 5.0

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System

Editor's Choice

4. Crenova VS100S Upgraded Vacuum Sealing System

The Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealing System has been recently upgraded, so it’s even better than it used to be. This is an automatic vacuum sealer with a very smart looking silver case that would look wonderful sat on the countertop of any kitchen. Highly functional and great looking, the Crenova VS100S is the perfect kitchen accessory for the modern, stylish kitchen.

Editor's Rating: 4.8


Recently Upgraded

5. FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System with Handheld Sealer

Quite possibly FoodSaver’s smartest looking vacuum sealer, the FM2435-ECR vacuum sealing system has all the functionality that you need to keep food fresh, marinate food, and prepare food for Sous Vide cooking. Features of this model from FoodSaver include an extra wide sealing strip, roll-storage and cutter, and it comes with a five year warranty too.

Editor's Rating: 4.8


6. Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

For something a little bit more robust, we recommend that you take a look at the Weston Pro-2300 commercial grade stainless steel vacuum sealer. The extra-large sealing bar will seal bags tightly closed every time and the powerful fan cooled motor will easily cope with sealing up large quantities of bags. This is a great vacuum sealer for those who like to buy food bulk for a large family.

Editor's Rating: 4.8


Premium Quality

7. Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

If you are looking for the power and reliability of a Weston vacuum sealer, but you also want some style, then you should be looking that the Weston 65-0501-W. This model has all the quality and durability that Weston vacuum sealers are renowned for, but it looks great too. The Weston 65-0501-W is a commercial quality vacuum sealer that won’t look at all out of place in the home kitchen.

Editor's Rating: 4.7


Also Great

9. FoodSaver V3460 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

If you want a feature-rich, space saving vacuum sealer that won’t let you down, then you can’t go wrong with the FoodSaver V3460 automatic vacuum sealing system. Packed full of innovative features, the upright design of the V3460 means that it can easily be tucked neatly away at the back of the counter or stored in a cupboard when it’s not in use. It’s fully automatic, it has a built in roll holder and bag cutter, Moist/Dry food settings, and two vacuum speeds. It’s the top choice if you want a top quality vacuum sealer, but you are limited on space.

Editor's Rating: 4.3

FoodSaver V3460

10. VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Our final pick of the best vacuum sealers or home use is the VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer from VacMaster. Chamber vacuum sealers are slightly different from the external vacuum sealers mentioned above, because you place the whole bag inside the vacuum chamber, which means that you can vacuum seal liquids as well as solids, and you get a better seal. If you need to seal up large quantities of food, then the VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum sealer will be the vacuum sealer for you.

Editor's Rating: 4.8


The Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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