FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System Review

FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System

Review Summary:

The extra features and items that are packed in with this model and the high quality, premium finish are just a few of the things that make the FoodSaver V3460 one of the best vacuum sealing systems on the market in this price range. The V3460 has a built in accessory hose, bag opener, cutter and a roll holder. The unique liquid detection system is a helpful tool to prevent spills and the marinate mode can infuse food with flavour in just minutes.

The FoodSaver V3460 is the one of the new generation methods of storing foods where you can effortlessly preserve any kind of food item in vacuum sealed bags whenever you want. This model is a mid-range counter top vacuum sealing machine that efficiently maintains a good balance between form and function.The product can take pride in itself with its extensive features, like high suction power and a wide range of functionality. It is undoubtedly the best vacuum sealer on the market at this price and it has far more innovative features than many other appliances that would cost you a lot more. If you are looking or a fast, efficient, easy to use and affordable vacuum sealing system, then the vacuum sealer would be a great option for you to choose.

V3460 vacuum sealing system would make an extremely useful appliance for use any kitchen, especially if you like to purchase your food in bulk and then freeze it for later use. The vacuum sealing of food will keep food fresh for up to five times longer than traditional food packaging and it will help to stop freezer burns and loss of flavour too.

The system efficiently removes air and excess moisture from the bags and seals in the favour, which makes food last longer and taste better, even when you take out of the freezer after a long time. You can use the Food Saver vacuum sealing system for freezing bulk bought foods, keeping leftovers fresh in the refrigerator or for freezing complete meals. Just about any type of food can be kept fresher in a vacuum sealed FoodSaver bag.


Benefit of Using Food Saver V3460

The Food Saver V3460 vacuum sealing system uses uniqueSmartSeal technology to seal the food in the bags and it has a powerful vacuum function that removes the air and excess moisture from the bags fast and efficiently. The system automatically detects the food type in the bag and then removes the appropriate volume of air and creates an airtight seal. Here are some of the main benefits of the vacuum sealing system.

External Design: V3460 is finished to a high quality it looks really nice on the countertop. It has a space saving vertical design that makes it easy to store away, or simply push to the back of the countertop to keep it out of the way. The system comes with an accessory hose for extracting the air from plastic containers and zip lock bags, a bag opener, cutter and a roll holder. It has a fully automatic operation that means that you simply need to fill a bag with food, place the open end of the bag into the appliance and then the appliance will automatically start the vacuum and sealing process for you.

Latest inclusions:  The unique liquid detection system is a helpful tool that will prevent spills and the marinate mode can infuse food with flavour in just minutes. LED progress lights are among the many unique features present in the machine.

A convenient kitchen tool: An integrated bag opener is one of the convenient features provided by V3460. This model has two vacuum speeds, a manual override so that you can stop food getting crushed by the vacuum process, and two seal levels too. The extra wide sealing strip provides a very secure and perfectly airtight seal every time. The system also hasa built in roll storage and cutter. The vacuum sealer is great for packaging moist, dry, and delicate foods, and the crush free instant seal system is one of the big benefits of this high quality.

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  • The vertical design of the FoodSaver V3460 gives it a really stylish look andmeans that it will also require less space on the kitchen counter or it can be easily stored in a kitchen cupboard
  • It is very easy to use and you won’t require a complicated manual to use this machine
  • Various settings are available for the user to choose depending on the food type
  • The adjustable moist or dry food setting allows the user to control the speed of the vacuum sealer
  • A rapid marinate mode greatly eases the process of marinating meat, chicken or fish and marinating food with FoodSaver V3460 is much quicker than any other methods
  • Handling of delicate food items by speed control is a big advantage of the crush free instant seal
  • This is indeed a great money saving appliance


  • The automatic sensor system removes some of the user’s ability to control the sealing process
  • The machine is incapable of sealing bags of different sizes and structures
  • Some users have reported some difficulties when they are first start using the device and they found this annoying
  • Buying extra bags can be a bit expensive, which has seemed like an extra burden for some customers
  • Some people found it quite difficult to insert moist food items as the air does not always completely come out of the bag
  • It can take longer than usual to cool down

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Customer Reviews

Despite what some people have said, the best thing about this product is that you don’t even need to look for the manual as you can find all the simple instructions that you will need written right on the box.I could quickly and easily make my own bags and have sealed fish, vegetables and meat in no time at all. Using the vacuum sealer really is an awesome experience.

I just love the easy operation, because it doesn’t take so much time to package food and I don’t have to work hard to do it. Even I found fitting of the bags into the slot on this device easy!

Feature of Food Saver V3460

There are plenty of essential features that make this food storage system superior to other types of food packaging, such as metal foils, zipper bags or plastic wraps. The high tech suction ability of this device allows it to remove all the air and moisture out of the multi layered bags, which keeps the food fresh and wholesome with all the flavour locked in for a longer time.

The Food Saver V3460 vacuum sealing system has some great features, like the wide sealing strip, crush free instant seal, the roll holder and bag cutter, and the accessory button that allows you to evacuate air from inside any type of FoodSaver containers or canisters. It also has a removable, dishwasher safe drip tray to catch any overflow of liquids. The product comes with a one year guarantee.

How to Install

The installation procedure for this device is really as follows;

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