GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer Review

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer with Mossy Oak Camouflage

Review Summary:

The GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer is obviously a success with regards to finding the very best vacuum meals sealers. It is some of those products which have very small downsides. The majority of the users offered it raving evaluations. There were not many who complained about this.

GameSaver Bronze is really a solid vacuum sealer through FoodSaver having a classic Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity conceal pattern. It possesses an integrated used cutter and roll storage, two rolls as well as 10 pre-cut bags. It comes with simple to make use of touchpad controls, a removable drip tray that’s safe for dishwasher.

Gamesaver offers always supplied accessories as well as food preserving kits which have proven their own worth like a reliable meals saver on the run. It may be the perfect gift for any sportsman or would work for anyone attempting to vacuum close off and shop fish, game meat, poultry or even any foods fresh for approximately five occasions longer so that they no lengthier see any kind of freezer burns.

Benefit of using this Product

Some significant beneficial tips are as follows:

1. Easy dealing with and proceduresealed
The sealer is extremely easy to take care of. It has a simple to operate design. You are able to just transform it on as well as place the meals to end up being sealed within the bag after which use the actual sealing whitening strips to close off it completely and quickly creating a seamless close off within min’s. It offers customizable choice for different types of food, you’ll want to seal.

2. Controlling Option
You’re provided having a complete within the functions such as sealing just, vacuum close off and individual buttons with regard to moist as well as dry meals sealing duties. There can also be an item port to add a hose pipe for closing purposes.

3. Sealing Quality
The closing quality is actually of top quality because of the fact that the actual sealer offers separate features for damp and dried out foods which help produce seal along with appropriate cleaning pressure.

4. Free of charge items as well as attachments
This sealer arrives with 2 rolls as well as 10 pre-cut bags like a starter kit for that users. There is definitely an accessory port you can use to connect hose with regard to canister closing and big pantry bags.

All in all, the general design of the GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer really is easy and simple to control. It’s of moderate size as well as weight and may be positioned easily in your kitchen counter-top. The color from the exterior is actually Mossy Walnut and brown using a camouflage design on top.

There is really a complete controlling panel on top and a simple to open up lid by having an easy locking mechanism latch and quietly of this. It also offers a get tray that’s removable and may be cleaned easily. It’s a built-in move container along with a cutter in order to cut bags based on your requirements.


● It is extremely lightweight; this causes it to be portable.
● The performance of the machine is actually fast, it will save time and also the machine itself is extremely durable.
●The distinctive vertical switch feature causes it to be occupying much less space within the kitchen.
●The electronic touchpad makes utilizing it easier; furthermore, the touchpad is simpler to thoroughly clean than additional conventional switch switches.
● Several foods adjustment options allow it to be very versatile and simple to use. In add-on, it offers both automated and guide operations.


● Many customers may complain using the rustic color.
● It may also require extreme bag use.


Customer Reviews

You can certainly store food for a long period without needing to worry concerning the food’s quality since it effectively keeps the freshness from the food. Furthermore, it requires merely a little space inside your kitchen as well as assists you a good deal. This gamesaver vacuum sealer may truly impress you which are a sensible investment. So it is completely perfect for your family and I recommend you to purchase it as soon as possible.

Features of Product

  1. Easy to see buttons can be found along with the product.
  2. Prepare products for closing and place bag in order to activate car sealing functions
  3. Use along with accessory hose to seal FoodSaver containers and canisters
  4. Hold bag in position securely throughout vacuum sealing process
  5. Bag roll goes under lid. Storage is ideal for FoodSaver bags. Bag cutter is perfect for cutting bag rolls with regard to customization
  6. Catches liquids to prevent mess. Fluid spills tend to be caught prior to they hit the counter-top


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