How To Choose The “Right” Vacuum Sealer?

beef chicken and salmon in vacuum plastic bag

Day after day vacuum sealers have become a necessary device in every kitchen. Unfortunately many people don’t even know what it is and why they should consider buying one. If you are one of them, you won’t be any more.

A vacuum sealer is a device that removes the air from and seals a special type of a plastic bag. It is used to preserve foods and keep them fresh by removing the air from the bag; which guarantees that your food will stay fresh for longer.

Vacuum sealers are a dream that became true for everyone who loves to cook especially moms, because it offers a lot of benefits such as:

Food storage

Vacuum sealer enables you to freeze any kind of veggies or meat and keep it protected by the plastic bag from the ice; as you can also use it to pack your leftovers in case you want to use them another time.

What you also don’t know is that you can keep your food frozen and stored for more than year and eventually instead of having one big frozen block, you have a neat package.

Dry canning

With a vacuum sealer you won’t have to worry about your dry and powdery food such as: dry fruits, flour and sugar… from spoiling because you can simply vacuum seal them and put your mind at ease.

For powdery foods you can simply leave them in their paper storage and put them inside the plastic bag but don’t ever put them directly in it because it will damage your machine.

Vacuum seal liquids

Making and storing a homemade liquid such as wines, oils and vinegars is a very tough task; especially when it comes to wine, because once you open the lid it drops down which is definitely frustrating. But the good news is you won’t have to face this problem anymore, now you can find at any food store or on internet a food saver bottler stoppers that seal the jars and keep them safe for you.

Ps: Choose a jar that comes with a lid with a hole in it that you can close, because once you remove the air from the jar you’ll need to cover it.

Vacuum sealers make your life much easier, especially when you go to store and you found a sale on a specific product, you won’t have to miss the opportunity because you are afraid that it if you buy it will spoil with time; by vacuum sealing it you will keep it fresh for as long as you want. You will be surprised to know that you can also vacuum seal bandages, documents and even candles. What more could you ask for?

The most important step in purchasing a vacuum sealer is choosing the right one, because you definitely don’t want to be stuck with the wrong one.

Nowadays due to the development and as the need grow to use vacuum sealers you can find several and different kinds of vacuum sealers which make it harder for you to choose.


To make your quest of purchasing the right vacuum sealer here are some helpful tips that will guide you all the way. Once you decide to buy a food vacuum sealer pay attention to:

⇒ The space of your kitchen: Just like computers, food vacuum sealers also come with different sizes. It is necessary to decide where you are going to place it before purchasing it, because the space determines the size of the vacuum sealer that you are going to buy.

⇒ The sizes of your packages: If you intend to vacuum seal big packages then you should look for a bigger vacuum sealer that can serve packages with 15 inches; because some brands can’t deal with big sizes.

⇒ The usage : Mainly there are 2 types of vacuum sealers that you can choose from according to what you want to use them which are:

› Food vacuum sealer: This brand is destined to home users for sealing bags, containers…

› Heavy vacuum sealer: It is made for business that requires it everyday.

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