Sous Vide Cooking

A Modern Way of Cooking

Sous Vide??? …Never heard of that? Well, this is something unfamiliar to you but not to the advanced cooking generation. The word derived from the French dictionary, which indicates the term “under vacuum.” It sounds complicated, but it’s pretty simple. By the days passed this formula has widespread & now it’s not confined only to the kitchen experts.

The Benefits of Sous Videsous vi de

It has countless advantages & that’s the reason of its being so popular. Thinking about the benefits the first two things that come to mind that it’s a healthy option & brings about an exceptional change in the food we eat.

The Basic Procedure

The intro might give you a slight hint about how it works, but still there is more to increase your learning. The whole idea is to cook your food in a vacuum-sealed pack or a plastic bag, yet the cooking process is not the conventional one. Water bath with a fixed temperature is a general cooking method used to serve the purpose.

Cooking Accessories

If you are beginning to feel interested in this subject, then you want to try it, in order to do so, you’ll need 2 types of equipment for a home trial. Here they go-

  • Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • Water Bath

Vacuum Sealer Machine

Now Vacuum sealers are the most reliable way of storing foods for longer period. It has the excellent capacity to keep the foods fresh. People generally use vacuum sealer machines to implicate this application. For Sous Vide cooking the operational mechanism is different. Let’s focus on some of the points-food sealed

  • Firstly, place your food items in a plastic bag, and then seal it with the machine.
  • Then the machine will start operating & it will eradicate the air covering the goods.
  • Your food items will be ready for cooking after this process.
  • If you are cooking a solid food, then sealers are the best choice but it doesn’t suit liquid stuffs like sauce or soups.
  • The fluids may also come out in the process when the machine will start sucking the air out, that’s why it is not applicable for liquids.
  • To sort out the problem there are other options like a chamber vacuum sealer but it can be expensive.
  • Chamber vacuum sealers removes the air from the inside part of the compartment & if you put a bag full of liquid inside that compartment, the pressure will be constant in both inner & outer parts. Then it will ready for vacuum sealing.

How to Choose Your Machine

Sous Vide cooking style is something exceptional & if you want to get the full charisma, you need to make sure there is no air trapped inside the bag. You can do it manually or with the help of a machine. Efficient vacuum sealers are a rarity these days; in order to pick a good item you can select the ones that are best at maintaining moistures. Only 2-3 models are there that handles moisture efficiently, if you are lucky enough you might get one for you.

Water Bath

Water bath comes in the second place. You can manually make your water bath for your Sous Vide preparation. It has a unique style & it comes with supreme & demi models. It is a useful household appliance & you can always experimenting out with its techniques. There is a preview on how it works-

  • At the beginning set the temperature parameters & after that you can submerge your sealed foods into the water bath.
  • The Water bath cooking process takes time, so you had better be patient.
  • After a while, you can sense that it’s yielding a heavenly combination of flavor & texture.


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Immersion Circulator

Another Sous Vide cooking artifact is called immersion circulator. In other words, you can produce a water bath with the help of this circulator. Keep it in a water compartment & it’ll start heating up via convectional method. It ensures that a fixed temperature is maintained around every corner of the water bath & the foods get a complete cooking. This item can be expensive & likewise difficult to operate compared to a supreme water bath.

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