Best Espresso Machines Under $100, $300 & $500 in 2019

best espresso machine under $100 $300, $500

When you think of the most popular beverage in the world, the word COFFEE is the first to pop in the mind. A nice hot cup of coffee, first thing in the morning provides a boost of energy. Research has proven that there are numerous health benefits of having espresso. Espresso contains many significant nutrients such as pantothenic acid, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, manganese, and magnesium.

Since decades, researchers have concluded that inflammation is linked with a variety of diseases like cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. We consume these antioxidants through the espresso. These antioxidants help reduce the chances of these diseases.

Through a year of research, studies have shown that caffeine helps to boost the metabolic rate and aids in burning fat faster. Caffeine helps in increasing the adrenaline level thus releasing fatty acids from the fat tissues. It is a known fact that caffeine helps us freshen up when we’re feeling groggy or dull. Which is why caffeine is also linked with improving productivity.You can also check our list of overall best espresso machines.

When you are off to work, instead of wasting precious time in the coffee shop to fix you your favorite beverage and also spending a ton of money in the process, we suggest you invest in an espresso machine. Be your own barista and make your favorite cuppa coffee, just the way you like it. We have selected the top five espresso machines for every budget range. We are sure you’ll find one that meets your needs.

A. Best Espresso Machines Under $100

I. Capresso 117.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC50

The ThermoBlock heating system in the EC50 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is lined with stainless steel. It delivers a pressure of 15 bar. This ensures a consistent flavor each time you prepare coffee. The exterior body of the unit is made of stainless steel and looks elegant as it sits atop your kitchen counter.

The EC50 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine feature a 42 oz. water tank. The water tank is removable, facilitating quick filling and easy cleaning. Drip tray collects the overspill and is removable to facilitate cleaning. In order to ensure the temperature of the espresso stays maintained, this espresso machine features a metallic warming platform.

Simple and easy to use functionality is paramount in this espresso machine as it features two separate frothing areas for frothed milk and steamed milk. If you are looking to prepare cappuccino, place the frothing sleeve over the steam tube. This will inject air and hot steam in the milk. As the air swirls in the milk, it creates a silky and dense froth.

Capresso 117.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine EC50

Our #1 Recommended

If you are looking to prepare a latte, detach the frothing sleeve. Use only the steam tube. This will only inject hot steam in the milk. Light and fluffy airy froth are not produced. This espresso machine also features a swivel frother so you can froth directly using a frothing pitcher or a tall glass. However, it is important to note that in order maintain the consistent taste and achieve flawless result each time, the steam tube and frothing sleeve should be thoroughly cleaned after each use to prevent a buildup of milk deposit.

Things We Liked

  • Stylish and elegant exterior
  • Delivers the same flavorful taste flawlessly and consistently
  • Separate frothing and steaming functions for cappuccino and lattes
  • Features a metallic warming platform to maintain the temperature of the espresso

    Things We Didn’t Like

    • Some customers complained about the drip tray is a little difficult to remove and put back in

      II. BOWUTTD Espresso Machine

      Practicality is a priority with BOWUTTD Espresso Machine. The exterior body of this espresso machine is made with stainless steel. Its boiler is made with aluminum alloy, which is why this espresso machine offers superior heat conducting. Besides espresso, this machine can also make other varieties of coffee like cappuccinos, lattes, and mocha.

      The large water container in BOWUTTD Espresso Machine has a capacity to hold up to 1.25 liters / 43 oz. of water. This means you can store a large quantity of water for making coffee multiple times. (This also makes it ideal for installation in an office where coffee is made multiple times.) The water container is removable. In order to refill it, you remove it and hold it under a tap to fill it. Alternatively, you can pour water into it from a large bottle or a jug.

      BOWUTTD Espresso Machine delivers a pressure of 15 bar. Which means, it forces the hot water into the ground coffee with as much pressure. This process helps unleash the nutrients, flavor, and aroma of coffee and get infused with the hot water. This espresso machine also features a milk steamer and frother with high pressure so you can get the indulgent fluffy foam for making a cappuccino or latte. Dual layer of filters brings more authenticity to the flavor of homemade coffee.

      The manufacturers recommend that you only bear two things in mind when using the BOWUTTD Espresso Machine.

      1. When the indicator light shows blue, the temperature is nearly 70-100° which is ideal for making coffee. At this time the machine cannot produce steam as there isn't sufficient heat to produce steam.

      2. When the indicator light shows white, the temperature is 100° which is ideal for making steam. At this time the machine cannot make coffee as it might leak due to the high temperature.

      Things We Liked

      • Sturdy stainless steel exterior
      • Offers 15 bar pressure
      • Large water container that holds up to 1.25 liters of water. Doesn’t need to be refilled so often
      • Consistent taste all throughout
      • Easy to clean because of the wide mouth opening
      • It has vacuum insulation that keeps the hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for straight 28 hours and ice stays as ice for 150 hours
      • Leak-proof
      • Lifetime warranty
      • Available in multiple colors

        Things We Didn’t Like

        • Due to its bulky size, some users said it didn’t go well the aesthetics of their kitchen

          III. De'Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

          De'Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker features a self-priming operation with convenient to use On and Off switch. You don’t have to wait for the boiler and element to reach the appropriate temperature. By eliminating this wait time, you can start making your first cup of coffee faster each morning.

          This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 15 bar. Which means you get the exact taste and aroma of the ground coffee infused in the water along with all the nutrients. You can make barista like coffee with these professional quality features.

          This espresso machine allows you to use either coffee pods or ground coffee as per your convenience as it features a dual function filter holder. The dual function filter holder speeds up the process of espresso preparation.

          The water container has a capacity of 35 oz. / 1 liter. You can view the water level when the container is in the espresso machine. This removes the hassle of guesswork or doing the math of how many cups of coffee have been made after filling the container. The water container, as well as the drip tray, are both removable. Both are dishwasher safe as well, making the cleaning process simpler for you.

          De'Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker features a Jet Frother with a swivel function. You can easily create a silken creamy froth when you are preparing a cappuccino or a latte. This espresso machine has a compact and sleek design and also features a narrow footprint. It doesn’t take up much of the precious space on the countertop.

          Things We Liked

          • Compact design saves on countertop space
          • Dishwasher safe parts like water container and drip tray make the cleaning process easy
          • The self-priming feature helps eliminate start-up preparation time
          • Powerful jet frother

            Things We Didn’t Like

            • Some users have complained that the water container does not come out easily

              IV. Hamilton Beach Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother

              Designed to save space, Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine is every bit as powerful as the commercial espresso machines in coffee shops. This espresso machine has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of your beautiful kitchen. The stainless steel accents provide a touch of glam to the unit.

              Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine features a detachable water container. The water level in the container is visible so you know when it is time to refill it. This espresso machine is also equipped with a detachable drip tray. The exterior of the unit can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Removable parts of the unit can be washed and rinsed with warm water and dish soap.

              This espresso machine delivers a 15 bar pressure for flavorful extraction so you can get a barista quality brew in the convenience of your home for a fraction of the price. Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine features a swiveling steam wand that efficiently steams and froths milk. While the milk is being steamed or frothed, you can place your cup on the cup warmer in order to maintain the temperature. Brewing has never been this easy. Slide the lever and lock it to securely hold the ground coffee in place. This espresso machine has a dual dispenser - you can fill one large cup or fill two cups with espresso simultaneously.

              Things We Liked

              • Space saving design
              • Facilitates easy cleaning
              • Dual dispenser lets you brew two cups of espresso simultaneously
              • Swiveling steam wand helps create a thick and fluffy foam

                Things We Didn’t Like

                • Some users have said the cup warmer fails to keep the cups as warm as one would expect

                  V. Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine by Breville

                  The Nespresso Essenza Mini machine looks sleek and stylish. The design features curves and rounded edges. Owing to its compact size, it fits comfortably in any space. If you wish to move it from one place to another, you can effortlessly do so as it is very light in weight.

                  Make your coffee like a seasoned barista with the Nespresso Essenza Mini machine with its one-touch operation. The extraction system of this espresso machine delivers a pressure of 19 bar. In layman's terms, this means that you can enjoy the beautiful aroma of coffee as it brews and get the optimal flavor while sipping on it. This espresso machine features two programmable buttons for different cup sizes. Espresso dispenses 1.35 oz. while Lungo dispenses 5 oz. of wholesome caffeine goodness. You can choose to pour it over ice to make an iced coffee or add warm milk to make cappuccino or latte.

                  The Nespresso Essenza Mini machine has a rather simple and easy operation. With a single touch command, the water in the pitcher reaches serving temperature in about half a minute. This espresso machine efficiently saves energy. Its intuitive operation features two energy modes.

                  1. Eco Mode: This mode consumes less energy after three minutes of operation.

                  2. Energy Saver Mode: The machine will automatically switch off after nine minutes if it detects no further activity thus saving on energy consumption.

                  Things We Liked

                  • Sleek and compact design doesn't take up much space on the countertop
                  • The machine is light in weight and offers effortless portability
                  • Efficient extraction with 19 bar pressure
                  • Intuitive energy efficiency

                    Things We Didn’t Like

                    • Since it offers single serve at a time, this espresso machine is not recommended for large families

                      B. Best Espresso Machines Under $300

                      I. Barista Bundle Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker by EspressoWorks

                      EspressoWorks Barista Bundle Espresso Machine features a control panel with seven different buttons for various functions. The chosen button will light up with an LED indicator. The functions on this panel allow you to program your customized amount of milk and espresso or you can choose to have your beverage made as per the default setting. You also select if you would like a double or a single shot for espresso, latte macchiato or cappuccino

                      This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 19 bar. This pressure is ideal to extract flavors to make a robust, dark coffee. Since this unit comes with a coffee bean grinder, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee. EspressoWorks Barista Bundle Espresso Machine has an inbuilt milk container and frother.

                      The milk container can hold 500 ml (half a liter) of milk. The frother can steam and/or froth milk so you can enjoy your latte macchiato or cappuccino with thick, dense and long-lasting foam. This espresso machine is also equipped with a large removable water container. The water container can hold 1.4 liters of water. This quantity of water is sufficient for 19 espresso shots. Since the container is removable, refilling it is easy.

                      Besides the espresso machine unit, this EspressoWorks package comes with a whole lot of other related accessories to help you ace the coffee game not just with the flavors but also with its presentation. The package includes sixteen latte art stencils, a measuring spoon, and a tamper, two premium quality espresso cups (double walled), two premium quality cappuccino glasses (double walled), filter baskets (single and double shot), a portafilter and an electric grinder (plug-in - 120V).

                      Things We Liked

                      • Ease of operation
                      • Makes robust coffee within seconds
                      • The unit comes with a coffee grinder. This helps you get the best flavor as the coffee is freshly ground
                      • Large water container. Makes it ideal for users who consume multiple cups of coffee in a day

                        Things We Didn’t Like

                        • The milk container is not detachable from the unit. This makes it a little difficult to clean

                          II. Espresso Machine by Barsetto (CM5003-UL)

                          The exterior of Barsetto's espresso machine is made of stainless steel making its maintenance hassle-free. The temperature control on this unit is automatic which makes your coffee making experience a safe one. This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 15 bar for flavorful and aromatic extraction of coffee.

                          This espresso machine is equipped with a removable water container - helps ease cleaning and refilling of water. The water container has a capacity of 1.8 liters / 63 oz. Visibility of the water level helps determine when it is time to refill it. In order to prevent water leakage, avoid filling the water container beyond the maximum level indication.

                          The powerful milk frother helps create a rich and dense foam. Ensure that the tip of the frothing sleeve is immersed well in the milk pitcher below the milk level. Wipe the frothing sleeve with a damp cloth after every use to prevent milk buildup. An important point to keep in mind when using the portafilter is when adding ground coffee to the portafilter, ensure not to exceed the maximum level indication. Also, you may want to avoid tamping the powder too hard.

                          The espresso machine by Barsetto has a detachable cup holder. If you wish to have the espresso dispensed in a large sized cup or a tall glass, all you need to do is detach the cup holder at the bottom to make more room. There is bound to be spillage when preparing your favorite beverage. However, it is also important to keep the space mess-free and tidy. Keeping this in mind, the drip tray on Barsetto's espresso machine is designed to be removable.

                          Things We Liked

                          • Easy to use functions
                          • Hassle-free maintenance
                          • Large water container for making multiple shots
                          • Powerful frother whips an indulgent foam

                            Things We Didn't Like

                            • Some users have said that the coffee was too weak when tamped the grounds a little hard. Excess tamping doesn’t let water pass through the filter

                              III. Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine by De'Longhi

                              Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine is sleek and compact sized. It will comfortably fit on the countertop in your kitchen no matter how cramped for space it is. However, it best not to be deceived by the size of this espresso machine. Though compact, this small wonder can deliver a pressure of 19 bar and extract the flavor and fragrance of coffee.

                              The quick heating system in this espresso machine reaches the perfect temperature in twenty-five seconds. Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine features an energy saving function. The espresso machine is automatically switched off if there is no activity after nine minutes (the duration can be adjusted as per preference from nine minutes to thirty minutes).

                              ​The capsule system of Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine delivers unique aromas and an exceptional taste, owing to the airtight seal of the coffee capsules. These coffee capsules are made of aluminum, therefore they are recyclable causing less stress to the environment.

                              Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine can dispense two shot sizes. When you select the Espresso option, 1.35 oz. will be dispensed and upon selection of Lungo option, 5 oz. will be dispensed. For coffee-based beverage recipes that involve using a large cup or a tall glass, you can make use of the folding feature of the cup tray.

                              Things We Liked

                              • Compact size and light in weight
                              • Delivers 19 bar pressure
                              • Energy saving. Switches off automatically upon detecting inactivity for nine minutes
                              • Package includes fourteen coffee capsules with various aroma profiles

                                Things We Didn’t Like

                                • Dispenses only one small or large shot at a time

                                  IV. De'Longhi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

                                  De'Longhi DEDICA espresso machine has a slim and sleek design. It will fit easily even on a space-crunched kitchen countertop. It has a stainless steel exterior that offers an elegant look and is easy to keep clean. This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 15 bar. Adjustable controls on this espresso machine help you make modifications depending on your personal liking.

                                  Whether you like a single espresso or the bold flavor of a double espresso, De'Longhi DEDICA espresso machine has got you covered. You can even prepare espresso-based beverages such as a latte or a cappuccino using the milk frother. The milk frother on this espresso machine can steam milk. It can also make a rich silky foam which helps you make cafe quality beverages. Making a recipe that requires you to use a tall glass or a large cup? Simply remove the tray at the bottom of the unit to add height.

                                  The water container is easy to remove as well as reattach. The water level in the container is visible, so you can refill only when needed. Removable drip tray helps keep the espresso machine and area around it tidy. Drip tray and the water container are dishwasher safe.


                                  • Sturdy exterior made with stainless steel
                                  • The unit and its parts are easy to clean
                                  • Easily accommodates large cups
                                  • Make modifications based on your personal liking with the help of adjustable controls


                                    • Water container tends to leak a few drops when the espresso machine is in operation if it is not secured correctly.

                                      V. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee House Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

                                      Mr. Coffee espresso machine is equipped with an advanced heating system that heats water evenly within seconds so you can enjoy your beverage piping hot. This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 19 bars which is ideal to extract the bold flavors from coffee grounds. With the press of a button, you can select single espresso shot or a double shot, latte or cappuccino.

                                      Automatic frother helps create a beautiful light foam on the milk of your choice - whole milk, skimmed milk, soy milk, almond milk, etc. The cup tray is adjustable and accommodates cups of any size. The milk container is removable. This helps in easy refilling as well as easy cleaning of the container. Since the container is removable, you can use it store the leftover milk in the refrigerator. The water container is removable as well. Visible water level helps gauge when it is time to refill. In order to activate the cleaning cycle of the espresso machine, it only takes the touch of the button.

                                      Things We Liked

                                      • Delivers a pressure of 19 bar for extraction of flavor and aroma
                                      • The removable milk container is great to store the leftover milk
                                      • One-touch activation of the cleaning cycle

                                        Things We Didn’t Like

                                        • The frothing wand needs to be aimed in the direction of the cup to dispense frothed milk. It tends to invariably spill outside the cup when using smaller sized cups

                                          C. Best Espresso Machines Under $500

                                          I. Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine

                                          In order to get an even and thorough extraction from the coffee grounds, BREVILLE Infuser espresso machine's pre-infusion feature applies low and steady water pressure of 9 bar at the beginning of the extraction process to soak the grounds. As the soaked grounds expand gently. This espresso machine then delivers a pressure of 15 bar for optimal extraction. Applying the right amount of pressure at the right time creates a beautiful golden honey colored cream in the coffee.

                                          BREVILLE Infuser espresso machine is an intuitive device. It uses a digital temperature control technology that detects and reduces fluctuation during the process of extraction. The machine ensures that the temperature is at an optimum range. This temperature control technology provides a balanced taste in the espresso. 1600w thermo coil based heating system and an integrated stainless steel water-coil control the water temperature accurately.

                                          BREVILLE Infuser espresso machine is equipped with a water container, which has a capacity of 1.8 liters / 61 oz. BREVILLE Infuser espresso machine lets you call the shots. You can select between a single shot of espresso or double or as much as you would like poured in the cup. This feature is particularly helpful when preparing a coffee-based recipe and it calls for a generous amount espresso.

                                          To get a silken foam, the right amount of steam pressure is needed to draw the air in and create a large number of tiny bubbles. The steam wand on this espresso machine is manually operated and turns milk into a rich and fluffy foam, essential for making latte art.

                                          BREVILLE Infuser espresso machine package comes with a host of accessories that you will need to make barista quality coffee. Accessories in the package include - filter baskets (single wall and dual wall), a stainless steel milk pitcher, coffee scoop, tools required for cleaning (cleaning disc, tablets, etc.)

                                          Things We Liked

                                          • Superior extraction process. Begins with low pressure and switches to higher pressure for better result
                                          • Espresso dispensing quantity is customizable
                                          • Powerful frother creates cafe quality foam
                                          • Large quantity storage in water container

                                            Things We Didn’t Like

                                            • Users are dissatisfied that a separate tamper or a tamper at the other end of the coffee scoop is not available and needs to be invested in separately

                                              II. Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine by De'Longhi

                                              We all know that coffees are great conversation starters. But with the Lattissima Pro, there is no doubt that this espresso machine will lead to some amazing conversations. With its sleek and stylish looks as well as stainless steel body with a brushed finish, Lattissima Pro sure has captivating looks.

                                              The Lattissima Pro delivers a pressure of nineteen bar to help water flow through the coffee grounds. This helps draw out the flavors and aroma of coffee. The superior extraction system of this espresso machine helps create barista-quality beverages every single time. Besides preparing exceptional espressos, the Lattissima Pro can also make bold cappuccino, flavorful macchiato, and delicious creamy lattes. It only takes the selection of a button to prepare the beverage of your choice. The buttons are placed at the top of the machine and the choice selection is logically positioned.

                                              The milk carafe is removable. You can keep the milk container in the refrigerator to keep milk fresh. Milk is dispensed in adjustable levels to get an optimum taste of the beverage. Milk dispensing in the Lattissima Pro is designed such that milk does not come in contact with the unit. This helps prevent milk build up. The milk is frothed inside the carafe and is dispensed through the wand, directly into the cup. This eliminates the need to wipe the wand clean after each use. If you are looking to make a beverage that involves the use of a tall glass, you can simply collapse the folding cup tray to make space for the glass.

                                              The water container is integrated into the Lattissima Pro. With a large capacity of 1.3 liters / 44 oz. you can make many espresso shots before you need to refill the water container. The water container is removable from the unit. This makes cleaning it and refilling is very simple. It is also dishwasher safe.

                                              Things We Liked

                                              • Brushed finish renders a stylish look
                                              • Superior extraction system with nineteen bar pressure
                                              • Removable milk carafe helps keep milk fresh in the fridge
                                              • Collapsible cup tray helps accommodate larger cups or glasses

                                                Things We Didn’t Like

                                                • Some users have said that the lack of a cup warmer tray is the only feature that makes the Lattissima Pro less than perfect

                                                  III. Gaggia RI8525/01 Carezza De LUXE Espresso Machine

                                                  Looking for an espresso machine that looks as brilliant as your espresso tastes? Carezza espresso machine from Gaggia looks new age and stylish and delivers great tasting delicious espressos as well. To get a full-bodied flavor of the coffee grounds, Carezza espresso machine features a pre-infusion function. Pre-infusion helps to pre-wet and soak the coffee grounds prior to brewing. As the soaked grounds expand, their rich flavor is released. This helps get an even extraction. Carezza espresso machine delivers a pressure of 9 bar to ensure optimal extraction. The process of pre-infusion also helps get a thick crema on the coffee.

                                                  The Carezza espresso machine is extremely energy efficient. If it does not detect any activity for nine minutes, it will automatically switch itself to an idle mode in order to save energy. It will heat up quickly though when you want your next cup of coffee. This espresso machine is equipped with an integrated water container. The water level in the container is visible. It can store 1.3 liters/ 47 oz. of water.

                                                  This frothing machine uses a pannarello wand to froth lattes and cappuccinos. You can detach the pannarello wand and make use of the stainless steel wand if you wish to make a tighter foam. The stainless steel wand delivers an exceptional result by creating a creamy, luscious and velvety microfoam which is a prerequisite for making beautiful latte art. The wand on this espresso machine also dispenses hot water if you are looking to make an Americano. The Carezza espresso machine also features a cup warmer (metallic plate) at the top of the unit. This helps keep your beverage hot for longer.

                                                  Things We Liked

                                                  • The pre-infusion function extracts flavors better and produces thick crema
                                                  • Energy efficient. Switched to idle mode after nine minutes of no activity

                                                    Things We Didn’t Like

                                                    • New users of the pannarello wand said they found it complex to use.

                                                      IV. De'Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

                                                      What is better than an espresso machine? The answer is rather simple. An espresso machine that also grinds fresh coffee beans. De'Longhi's Magnifica espresso machine features multiple adjustable settings to grind beans to ensure utmost freshness. However, you can also choose to make use of pre-ground coffee.

                                                      The control panel on this espresso machine is quite simple to use. You can make adjustments on the menu setting depending on your preference for the strength of the coffee, its temperature and the quantity that you would like dispensed. After you have programmed your choice, De'Longhi's Magnifica espresso machine will do the rest. The espresso machine will remember the choices you have programmed and will continue dispensing coffee the same way until the selection is changed.

                                                      De'Longhi's Magnifica espresso machine maintains an optimal temperature, to allow brewing of one cup after the other almost instantly, owing to the rapid cappuccino system. This eliminates the waiting time as your beverage brews. The brew unit is compact and extractable. It is also fairly easy to clean.

                                                      This espresso machine features an adjustable manual frother. The frother efficiently mixes milk and steam to make a thick, creamy and fluffy froth. You can also adjust the froth levels based on if you wish to prepare a flat white, macchiato or a latte.

                                                      Things We Liked

                                                      • Grinds fresh coffee beans to ensure utmost freshness is locked in
                                                      • Customizable settings on the control panel. Unit memorizes your selection until it is changed
                                                      • Powerful frother creates velvety foam needed for latte art
                                                      • Maintains an optimal temperature to eliminate the wait duration between cups

                                                        Things We Didn’t Like

                                                        • Users said that the frothing wand tends to get in the way of removing the water container.

                                                          V. Espressione EM-1040 Stainless Steel Machine Espresso and Coffee Maker

                                                          The Espressione espresso machine has a stainless steel exterior that gives it a classy appearance. This espresso machine works well with coffee grounds or espresso pods. With a pressure of nineteen bar, you can be assured of the superior extraction.

                                                          The water container has a capacity of 1.5 liters / 50 oz. It is removable making cleaning and refilling easy. This espresso machine is designed to detect the water level and will shut off the brewing process if it does not have sufficient water. Espressione espresso machine features an adjustable drip tray which can be easily removed to accommodate large cups if needed. Removable drip tray also facilitates easy cleaning.

                                                          This espresso machine features a heating grid that can keep your cups war for long. A coffee ground scoop that also doubles as a tamper is included with the unit. The heating mechanism is independent of the brewing mechanism. This allows you to froth the milk as the espresso is being brewed. This ensures there is no waiting between brewing and frothing which may lead to heat loss.

                                                          Things We Liked

                                                          • Stainless steel exterior
                                                          • Delivers pressure of nineteen bar
                                                          • Auto-detection of water level
                                                          • Independent mechanism for frothing and brewing

                                                            Things We Didn’t Like

                                                            • The unit is a little too bulky and takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter

                                                              D. Conclusion

                                                              Even with all the health benefits of caffeine, one cannot deny that caffeine consumption can easily become very habit-forming. This may also lead to a physical or psychological dependency on caffeine, especially if you consume it in a large quantity. You may want to keep an eye on signs when you feel like you are excessively dependent on caffeine and gradually cut back.

                                                              We can’t help but agree that coffee plays a vital role in helping you stay awake, and increasing productivity. However, it must also be noted that excessive intake of caffeine may lead to difficulties in getting sufficient restorative sleep. The simplest way to overcome this is to monitor your caffeine intake and keep an eye on your sleep schedule.

                                                              That said, moderation is key to striking a balance between the reaping the benefits of caffeine and staying away from the harm that over-intake may cause you. The espresso machines listed above help you select the shot size for your beverage. This is an ideal way to help yourself make wise choices. Drink Responsibly.

                                                              Our Top Pick: Barsetto Espresso Machine
                                                              • Quality
                                                              • Design
                                                              • Price
                                                              • Easy to clean
                                                              • Editor's Rating


                                                              The exterior of Barsetto’s espresso machine is made of stainless steel making its maintenance hassle-free. The temperature control on this unit is automatic which makes your coffee making experience a safe one. This espresso machine delivers a pressure of 15 bar for flavorful and aromatic extraction of coffee.
                                                              best espresso machine under $100 $300, $500

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