5 Easy Espresso Drinks To Make At Home

Rich, dark and perfect for getting you up in the morning, an espresso is an indispensable part of so many people's daily regimes. Once you have perfected the art of espresso making, why not mix things up a bit with one of these delicious espresso based recipes? Impress your friends with your coffee making skills, it's much easier than you think!

1. Caramel Macchiato


Caramel macchiato hot of coffee drink on wooden table in the cafe

Sweet and tasty, the caramel macchiato is a great pick me up coffee. This espresso based drink is ideal for giving yourself a treat after a long day at work.

First, back to basics: what is a macchiato? The word "macchiato". in Italian means "foamed", and this refers to the fact that a macchiato is an espresso with a small amount of foamed milk on top. This coffee drink is great for people who like their coffee milky but who still want to be able to savor the full bodied taste of the espresso.

So, to make a caramel macchiato, you must first pour an espresso into a small cup and then top it with some foamed milk. You can vary the amount of milk to suit your tastes, but make sure that it does not drown out the espresso. Finally, drizzle some caramel syrup over the top!

Though some people insist on stirring their macchiatos, one of the true pleasures of this drink is the fact that it comes in layers. First you have the indulgent sweetness of the caramel, then the fluffiness of the foamed milk, and finally a delicious rich espresso.

2. Cappuccino


You may have heard the tale that the cappuccino coffee drink is named after the Capuchin monksin Italy with their distinctive brown and white habits. This is certainly a pretty historic drink in Italy, so when you create a cappuccino from this recipe you will be taking advantage of centuries of coffee making skill.

People tend to choose cappuccinos over lattes when they want a milky coffee that nevertheless is not so milky that it dilutes the kick of the espresso. Making the perfect cappuccino is easy. Simply start off with a shot of espresso, then pour some hot milk over the espresso (a 1:1 ratio of espresso and hot milk is usually the norm). Finally, finish things off with some frothed milk before dusting the top of the drink lightly with cocoa powder.

Once you have got your cappuccino making skills down to a T, why not try getting creative with the finishing touches? Create flower or leaf shapes with the frothy milk topping, or use specialty stencils to create stars, smileys and more with your dustings of cocoa. A cappuccino is perfect for enjoying with a slice of cake in the mid afternoon.

3. Americano


If you want to make your espresso last a little longer, then an Americano is a great choice. An Americano is made using one shot of espresso and two shots of hot water, so this is a coffee that you can linger over and savor: perfect for relaxed breakfasts whilst reading up on the latest news or chatting with your family. It tastes much fuller than a filter coffee, as it preserves all of the subtleties of the taste of your espresso. The Americano has to be one of the easiest long coffee drinks to make!

Legend has it that Americanos date back to World War II, when American GIs in Italy, unused to drinking the straight espressos that they were served by the locals, started diluting them with hot water. And thus, the "Caffd Americano" (or coffee American style) was born! People sometimes debate about whether you should put the coffee or the water in first when you make an Americano. Both ways are totally acceptable, though, so why not experiment and see if you have a preference?

4. Cafe Latte


If you like things milky, then a cafe latte may well be the espresso drink for you Lattes are very easy to make, as all that you need to do is pour an espresso shot into a long, tall coffee glass or cup then top it up with as much steamed, lightly frothed milk as you desire. You do not need to have a special milk frothing wand on your espresso machine to make a latte (though if you do, now is the perfect time to use it) as you can also make the hot frothed milk for a latte by heating milk gently in a saucepan and lightly whisking it.

Many people like to customize their lattes with flavored syrups and extra shots of espresso. If you do choose to add in flavored syrups, remember that the best time to do so is right after you have put the espresso shot (or shots) into your glass, i.e. before you too everything up with milk. Gingerbread, caramel and vanilla are all good options when it comes to syrups; or you could opt for something more intrguing such as coconut or peppermint.

Etiquette dictates that you should use a spoon to eat the frothy milk at the very top of your latte before you start to drink from the glass - in order to avoid getting a latte "milk moustache". But, if you have created your own latte from scratch, we say that you can drink it however you like - enjoy!

5. Mocha Espresso


Mocha coffee (also called Caffe Mocha) with wooden saucer.

This is definitely one for the chocoholics! Does the dusting of cocoa on a cappuccino not satisfy you? Then try a mocha espresso. A mocha espresso is made in a very similar way to a latte, but it is much sweeter.

To make a mocha espresso, follow the latte recipe above, but add a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder to the steamed milk. Finally, when the drink is finished, sprinkle it with some chocolate sprinkles or cocoa powder.

You can make a white chocolate mocha by using white hot chocolate powder when preparing the milk. And, if you want to make this drink even more indulgent, try mixing melted chocolate with the milk instead of powder, and finishing it off with some spray cream and chocolate curls. All the sweetness and comfort of hot chocolate, combined with the energizing and uplifing power of espresso. Perfect for when you are having an one of those days'!

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