The Best Coffee Makers With Grinder | Reviewed by Fourth Estate

What can you do if you want a coffee maker and a grinder but you’ve got limited space in your kitchen?

So decaf instant coffee must be really bad! Right? The answer is NO.

It is true that some of the flavor and aroma you find in that perfect cup of traditional roast coffee is lost during the decaffeination process. It’s also true that the process of crystallizing coffee (to make it “instant” also diminishes the flavor profile.

Throw the two together and you’ve got a potentially underwhelming experience…

Unless, of course, you want coffee that’s ready in a matter of seconds, requires nothing but some off-the-boil water and also won’t disturb your sleep pattern like the leaded alternative.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks

Well, you could opt to go without the grinder, but you know you won’t get quite as fresh a drink.

Or, you could buy a 2-in-1 unit and we’re here to help you do just that today.

We’ve tested a broad spread of grind-and-brew coffee maker to help you choose a great machine with a grinder onboard the easy way.

For espresso fans, save your time and plump for the Breville BES870XL Barista Express. If, on the other hand, you prefer using the pour-over method or you’re partial to drip brewing, you’ll have a tougher job.

We’re here to help, though. Many of the grind-and-brew coffee machines we tested were below our exacting standards and below yours. To that end, we’ll only outline 10 coffee makers with grinders so you can rest assured anything on today’s shortlist is well worth the modest investment.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Coffee Makers with Grinder

Well, you could opt to go without the grinder, but you know you won’t get quite as fresh a drink.

Or, you could buy a 2-in-1 unit giving you the best of both worlds and we’re here to help you do just that today.

We’ve tested a broad spread of grind-and-brew coffee makers to help you choose the perfect machine with a grinder onboard the easy way.

For espresso fans, save your time and plump for the Breville BES870XL Barista Express. If, on the other hand, you prefer using the pour-over method or you’re partial to drip brewing, you’ll have a tougher job.

We’re here to help, though. Many of the grind-and-brew coffee machines we tested were below our exacting standards and below yours. To that end, we’ll only outline the 10 options with grinders so you can rest assured anything on today’s shortlist is well worth the modest investment.

10 Great Options Reviewed

1) Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Maker

Grind & Brew

This grind-and-brew coffee maker from an industry colossus delivers on both fronts.

The ceramic burr grinder is just as effective as many stand-alone versions. You can dial in the settings to grind enough beans for as few as 2 cups or as many as the 12 cups that will fill the generous carafe. The grind-off feature is a nice touch as well at this price-point. You’ll get a full 8oz of beans in the hopper which is more than fit for purpose without eating up too much precious kitchen real estate.

Once your beans are nicely smashed up, choose the strength of your coffee from mild through strong. With a permanent filter complemented by a secondary charcoal water filter, whatever your choice of coffee, it will come out tasting as fresh as a daisy.

A fully programmable coffee maker with auto shut-off for your safety and convenience, all that remains is to sit back and wait for that perfect cup of joe, something the Cuisinart Automatic Grind-and-Brew Coffee Maker delivers every single time.


  • Grinder: Top-notch automatic burr for maximum efficiency with first-class results every time
  • Filtration: Combination of re-usable gold tone filter and charcoal water filter to ensure a crisp, clear coffee free of taint
  • Capacity: Generous 8oz hopper holds a full half-pounds of your favorite beans
  • Carafe: Fully insulated thermal carafe holds enough for 12 regular cups of coffee so perfect for busy households
  • Price / Performance Ratio: It’s no use getting cheap equipment if it lets you down but this Cuisinart is a bargain without compromising grinding or coffee making


  • Some issues with clogging so be sure to keep on top of maintenance
  • A few complaints about this unit being a pain to clean

2) Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker

Espresso Grind Machine

As we mentioned front and center, if like your coffee short and strong, we can’t recommend this combined espresso maker and grinder highly enough.

The stainless steel conical burrs of the onboard grinder will grind up your beans without causing too much heat or friction. The super-simple dial allows you to tweak the consistency from a fine grind for your espresso through coarser grind for the trusty French press. Dosing is a breeze so you can avoid wasting your beans and get the precise quantity you want.

If you want more than espresso, you’ll appreciate the integrated steam wand. Liven up your longer drinks with a nice dose of heated milk so you’ve got something for all the family in one multi-purpose machine.

For espresso fiends, you’ll enjoy the 15-bar pump and the way the purging ensures the optimum water temperature so you can enjoy your morning shot just how the Italians like it.

If you’ve got a fluid budget and you appreciate the finer things in life, check out the Breville Barista and thank us later.


  • Grinder: Stainless steel conical burrs combine ruthless efficiency with rugged build quality
  • Dose-Control: Grind on demand directly into your portafilter for a streamlined experience
  • Perfect Espresso: With all the pressure you need and a purge feature that regulates water temperature, you’ll get superb espresso at the push of a button
  • Steam Wand: Steam wand included so froth up some milk when you want a longer coffee
  • Compact: Despite such hard-hitting performance, this grind-and-brew espresso maker is slimline and won’t take up too much room


  • This is an expensive machine although we would argue still great value for money overall
  • You’ll need a transformer unless your power supply is 110-120 volts so buyer, beware

3) Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

Coffee Pot

We couldn’t help but include more than one model from the class-leading Breville. We’re only interested in bringing you great options and since the BDC650BSS comes in cheaper than the model above, this works well for anyone on a tighter budget.

With a half-dozen grind settings covering all main bases and those prized stainless steel burrs tailor-made for making light work of your beans, you’ll get a full half-pound in the lockable hopper. Alongside the sheer convenience of grinding right before you brew, the grinder is nicely customizable so you can dial in the consistency in line with your needs.

The coffee machine punches just as hard as the grinder and you can choose from 8 strength settings. If you want to use pre-ground coffee, you can do this too. The Breville is an incredibly versatile workhorse.


  • Grinder: Stainless steel burrs allow you to grind and brew straight into your cup for the ultimate in convenience
  • Ample Settings: Rather than going for overkill with the grind settings, Breville keeps things simple with 6 choices ideal for most needs
  • Auto-Start: Get your day started the right way by programming your Breville to brew your morning caffeine fix while you’re still brushing your teeth
  • Clear Display: The LCD gives you all the metrics you need displayed clearly
  • Robust Choice of Cup Sizes: Slip out the drip tray if you need to accommodate taller cups or travel mugs


  • This machine doesn’t work well with demineralized or distilled water so be aware of this before committing to purchase

4) Cuisinart Grind and Brew Machine


Although not perfect, this entry-level Cuisinart grind-and-brew coffee maker lets you buy into that brand heritage without taking out a bank loan.

The grinder is serviceable although you need to keep your expectations reasonable in this price bracket. If you’re looking for freshly ground beans to maximize the taste of your coffee and the ability to use pre-ground, too, you’ll be more than happy. If you’re expecting a top-tier grinder and commercial-grade coffee maker for less than a hundred bucks, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

The glass carafe holds enough for a dozen regular cups and the coffee maker is fully programmable so you can wake to a morning cuppa and simplify your morning routine.


  • Grinder: Use grind-off when you want to use pre-ground coffee or get your beans just the way you like them for that perfect fresh cup of joe
  • Minimal Cleaning: Segregation between grinder and filter means you can clean your machine in a flash keeping it running better for longer
  • Dual Filtration: The Cuisinart combo of permanent filter and charcoal filter helps you enjoy your coffee free of impurities
  • Intelligent Coffee Maker: Programmable through 24 hours so let the machine do the work and serve up your coffee on cue
  • Incredible Value: A chance to get a combined grind-and-brew coffee maker from a brand you can trust at a remarkably keen price-point


  • Build quality of hot plate is questionable
  • Cover can pop off when you’re grinding beans which is a disappointment

5) Capresso Digital Coffee Maker with Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Machine

At the midpoint, we’ve got the classic Capresso packing a conical burr grinder that’s currently available at an aggressive discount.

We’re unfailingly honest here at Fourth Estate and if you prize great coffee, you might be better served looking at another one of the machines we review. With the Capresso, it’s fit for purpose but certainly not of elevated quality.

Attention to detail has gone into the grinder, though. The conical burrs and nifty direct feed let you prepare enough beans to make 10 cups so you’ll get enough to push through the machine then keep nicely warmed in the thermal carafe.


  • Grinder: Direct-feed conical burr helps you save countertop space without sacrificing grind quality
  • Functionality and User-Friendliness: Get a completely programmable machine that’s also a joy to use even if you’re an absolute beginner
  • Multiple Grind Settings: With a choice of 5 grinds from fine to coarse, get just the consistency you need whatever your preferred drink or brewing method
  • Capacity: Grind up enough beans for an impressive 20 cups of coffee so works well in busy homes or offices
  • Thermal Carafe: Once your beans are ground, keep up to 10 cups of coffee piping hot thanks to the insulated stainless steel carafe


  • While the grinder is first-rate, the coffee maker might disappoint true caffeine crazies
  • At full-price, this combo machine is certainly not cheap

6) DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine

Magnifica Machine Example

While they make more than just coffee machines, DeLonghi are bona fide experts in this vertical and the enduringly popular Magnifica delivers all the convenience of a super-automatic espresso machine and so much more…

For starters, the highly effective grinder lets you choose from 13 different consistencies so you can tailor your grind to taste fuss-free.

The machine itself gives you the scope to serve up super-strong espresso or longer lattes with equal ease.

Intuitive and straightforward to use, this programmable machine also picks up on your favorite settings so it’s as easy to use as it is to clean.

Aside from the price, there’s nothing meaningful we can say to knock this top-tier grind-and-brew coffee maker from the legendary DeLonghi.


  • Grinder: Easily navigable interface lets you grind your beans to the consistency you want with absolute precision
  • Low Maintenance: Any coffee machine that’s a chore to clean often ends up unused but this super-automatic espresso maker takes very little effort to keep sparkling and tip-top
  • Versatility: 13 grind settings and the option of using pre-ground coffee too gives you superb freedom of choice
  • Makes All Types of Coffee: From finely ground beans delivering outrageously good espresso to coarser consistency and a manual frother to cream up longer drinks, you’re spoiled for choice with the Magnifica
  • Intelligent and Programmable: Not only can you customize your drinks down to a T, the Magnifica remembers your preferences to eliminate much of the fuss without compromising quality


  • Eye-wateringly expensive for a home machine but comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an industry heavyweight

7) Gaggia Brera Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Maker

Another incredible super-automatic espresso is up next, this time the classic Gaggia Brera.

You’ll be able to generate the full gamut of coffee from that short and robust espresso in the morning to a longer latte to drink well into the afternoon.

That’s not all.

You can do so using freshly ground beans to enhance the quality of your drink still further. If you need to use pre-ground from time to time, Gaggia has you covered there, too.

Measuring up at just over 12 inches tall, the Brera is small enough to slot into a tiny kitchen buy rugged enough to deliver gourmet drinks day in and day out.

We’ve got to be brutally honest, this machine pretty much sells itself. If you get the opportunity to put one through its paces, you’ll want one right away. If you order one online, we can guarantee your satisfaction just as surely as Gaggia guarantee the machine for a full 12 months.


  • Grinder: Use the integrated grinder to blitz up fresh beans or use pre-ground if you prefer for a belt-and-braces approach
  • Variety of Drinks: From super-sharp espresso to creamy long coffees, this machine gives you what you want, when you want it
  • Low Maintenance: Running perfectly and seamlessly, the Brera is also a joy to clean reducing maintenance to a minimum through thoughtful design
  • Ease of Use: While feature-rich, the Gaggia is also a pleasure to use even for complete beginners
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind throughout the first year after purchase with the rock-solid Gaggia guarantee in place


  • Another grind-to-brew coffee maker that hits you hard in the pocket but delivers in the finest of style



Perhaps better known for their power tool expertise, make no mistake, BLACK+DECKER knows a thing or two about coffee into the bargain.

As long as you’re not expecting a grind-and-brew coffee maker that will last for decades, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the features and overall quality you’ll get from this cheap machine.

The onboard grinder is pretty reasonable if no world-beater. It does its job, though, and that’s to deliver fresh beans on tap. You can switch this off when you fancy some pre-ground which is a nice bonus.

If you’re impatient and can’t wait for a quick jolt of caffeine while brewing is underway, just hit Sneak a Cup and knock yourself out.

For a sterling 2-in-1 coffee machine from a highly reputable global brand, this BLACK+DECKER is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Grinder: Pioneering approach with grinder and filter combined for shotgun brewing and ease of clean-up
  • Build Quality: The rugged and dependable engineering and componentry you’d expect from a classic brand like BLACK+DECKER
  • Customization: Adjust the strength of your brew to suit the palate of everyone in your family without needing multiple machines
  • Programmability: The 24-hour programming lets you wake up to that golden cup of joe the moment you enter the kitchen without lifting a finger
  • Filter: With a bronze tone permanent filter, save on your own expenses while doing your bit for the environment and eliminating replacement paper filters without dipping out on quality


  • Some issues with lifespan but you need to stay realistic when you’re getting a grind-and-brew coffee maker for this sort of price

9) Jura ENA Micro 5 Automatic Machine

Double Espresso Machine

Jura sit in a class of their own when it comes to understated design combined with the ultimate in performance. For true coffee lovers, the ENA Automatic is an absolute must. Sure, it’s not the cheapest grind-and-brew coffee maker but it’s certainly one of the top machines available.

You can grind beans for your espresso and choose between serving up single or double shots while also using the adjustable spouts to brew up a pair of coffees simultaneously. You can even tweak the strength of each cup for a sci-fi experience without any confusion.

The subtle touch panel again makes you feel like you’re using a coffee machine from the future but the undeniable quality of the crema-rich espresso jolts you straight back into the present.

If you want a coffee shop experience from the comfort of home, treat yourself and invest in the Jura ENA. You’ll never look back!


  • Grinder: Keep your beans ultra-fresh in the sealed hopper then grind directly before brewing for a superior cup of coffee
  • Ground-Breaking Design: Jura does things differently and the rotational spouts allow you to serve one coffee or a pair of drinks, perfect if you’re in a hurry but customizable if you live alone
  • Robust Boiler: Stainless steel thermoblock for performance married to durability
  • High Pressure Pump: Get all the pressure you need for supercharged espresso
  • Tech-Driven But User-Friendly: While you’ll get bleeding edge technology, this machine is also easy to use without much by the way of user-input


  • Expensive but worth every penny
  • Might lack some of the frills of certain machines but you’ve got everything you need for exceptional coffee in a sleek, compact unit

10) Gourmia Grind and Brew

Deluxe Grinder

For a great grind-and-brew coffee maker, we’ve got a great and budget-conscious model from Gourmia.

With a flat burr capable of tailoring your grind to taste, you can choose from the finest grind to the coarsest with a massive 18 options catering for all requirements. You often get less choice with this on much pricier standalone grinders.

When it comes to the coffee making side of things, the Gourmia again gives you plenty of latitude and also the option of making varying numbers of cups so you can slash down on wastage and deliver just what you want when you want it.

A cakewalk to clean, almost zero-maintenance and coming in at a rock-bottom price, what’s not to love about this dainty little Gourmia?


  • Grinder: Punchy flat burr grinder with an amazing 18 settings giving you the consistency you need for any type of coffee
  • Strength Adjustment: Whether you like your coffee light, dark or somewhere in between, fine-tune the strength to taste
  • Multiple Brewing Options: Use the touchscreen to flit between 2, 4 or 6 coffees so perfect for those living alone or anyone with a larger family
  • Water Reservoir Slips Out: Remove the tank so you can simplify filling and cleaning
  • Unbeatable Value: Unlike many cheap grind-to-brew coffee maker this Gourmia delivers a super-consistent grind and lip-smacking coffee at a price you’ll love


  • As with all inexpensive combo grinders and coffee machines, you’ll need to keep your expectations pegged in terms of lifespan

Coffee Maker With Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Grind Setting

Choosing a coffee maker can be complex. The same holds true for a grinder…

By opting, instead, for a 2-in-1 unit featuring an onboard grinder along with the kind of coffee machine that floats your boat, you can kill two birds with one stone while saving counter space into the bargain.

Type of Grinder

Since our core focus today was on the quality of the grinder, we’ll give you a few pointers here first…

You’ve got 2 main choices with grinder blades:

  • Blade Grinder: The blades on this type of basic grinder spin around then crush up the coffee beans. While cheap and undeniably fit for purpose, the crudeness of this method makes achieving a consistent grind practically impossible. You also tend to get too much heat and friction which can spoil your beans
  • Burr Grinder: Far more effective if more costly, burr grinders come in many shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: uniformity. A spinning disc serves to grind the beans against a disc that stays still giving you a slow and consistent grind you can roll out time and again for great results with minimum fanfare

Once you’ve got the grinder type down – and to reiterate, go for a burr grinder if you can afford it – read plenty of honest user reviews to determine whether the grinder is quiet enough, sufficiently durable and suited to your needs.

Overall Functionality of Coffee Machine

We won’t double down in detail on how to choose a coffee machine but the remaining pointers will help you laser in on the basics you should consider.

Take into account the type of drinks the machines on your shortlist will make and ensure that meshes with the preferences of you and your family.

Think about speed of delivery and ease of use.

Spare the time to check out accessories. Don’t angle for the brand offering the most freebies. Ask yourself whether you’ll really use that milk frother or wand and base your decision on that criteria. No machine is perfect but one of the above will be perfect for you.


Since you’re likely opting for a 2-in-1 grind-to-brew coffee maker to save space in the kitchen, it pays to think about its overall dimensions.

Height is crucial and don’t forget placement too. If you’re planning to pop your coffee maker under some cabinets, make sure it will fit in with enough space for you to easily use the grinder.


When you’re toying between grind-to-brew coffee makers, don’t overlook the amount of beans you’ll want to prepare in one go or the quantity of coffee you require.

With so much choice, there’s no need to settle so a little time spent here will yield the machine of your dreams. Rushing in, you’re likely to end up selling yourself short.


Properly filtered water makes all the difference between a sub-par beverage and one that will have you licking your lips and coming back for more.

Think about whether you’re happy using replaceable filters. They’re not so great for the environment and lock you into ongoing running costs you can largely avoid with permanent filters.

Whichever route you take, use top quality water and shoot for a machine with great filtration and you’ve got half the battle won before even grinding your coffee beans.


Glass carafes allow you to monitor proceedings without breaking your stride. On the flipside, this type of carafe is more fragile and doesn’t keep your coffee warm for much more than a half-hour.

Thermal carafes, generally made from stainless steel, you’ll get great insulation at the expense of a more tasky clean-up – you can’t put thermal carafes in the dishwasher – and you’ll also need to pre-heat them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most common causes of coffee makers that remain in the closet gathering dust is when they’re a nuisance to clean or maintain.

Read up on plenty of user feedback and if cleaning or maintenance is red-flagged, steer clear unless you don’t consider this a deal-breaker.


We trust that you’ve unearthed something today in these grind-to-brew coffee maker reviews that’s tickled your fancy.

We really can’t recommend grinding your beans right before brewing strongly enough. Once you’ve tried this at home and taste for yourself the subtle but distinct improvement in flavor and freshness, you’ll wish you’d invested in a grinder years ago. Well, you can’t change the past but you can certainly take action to improve the future!

Come back soon as we’ve plenty more coming up for the holiday season and on into 2019!

Our Top Pick: Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Maker

Grinding Machine


This grind-and-brew coffee maker from an industry colossus delivers on both fronts.

The ceramic burr grinder is just as effective as many stand-along grinders. You can dial in the settings to grind enough beans for as few as 2 cups or as many as the 12 cups that will fill the generous carafe