12 Best Coffee Makers – Drip | Top Picks and Reviews

The past week has been very busy for us here at Fourth Estate…

We’ve worked our way through 30 of the best drip coffee makers on the market and whittled them down to 12 that were worth reviewing.

Interspersed with these reviews, we’ll serve you up with plenty of useful information to help you get that perfect golden cup of coffee the easy way.

Drip coffee makers are basic but highly effective. Using one of these machines is straightforward. You pour your water into the reservoir. This flows through a hole and into a tube in the heating element. As the element heats up the aluminum tube, the water boils and the bubbles climb up a second tube. Water surges up into the drip area where it drips nice and evenly onto the coffee grounds before finishing up in the pot ready to serve.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Drip Makers

Capable of making multiple cups, drip coffee machines are flexible, efficient and produce mighty fine coffee.

Editor’s Choice

Our Pick: OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Maker

Our joint top choice for the best overall coffee maker. For a large and effective drip coffee maker modeled on the pour-over brewing method, take a look at the OXO On Barista Brain. Complete with a Freshness Counter, you can enjoy your coffee before it spoils with absolute confidence.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Drip Makers

Commercial coffee chains are great but they’ve also raised the bar in what we expect at home. Once you’ve got used to your mocha or latte at Starbucks, a bland cup of instant doesn’t hold much appeal.

Luckily, there’s a huge selection of top-notch coffee machines on the market so you can replicate your favorite drink at home. Nespresso machines, produced by Nestle, are extremely popular, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Today, we’ll look at the best Nespresso capsules so you can put your new machine through its paces and enjoy your coffee exactly as you like it.

Editor’s Choice

Our Pick: OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Our joint top choice for the best overall coffee maker. For a large and effective drip coffee maker modeled on the pour-over brewing method, take a look at the OXO On Barista Brain. Complete with a Freshness Counter, you can enjoy your coffee before it spoils with absolute confidence.

I. Best Coffee Maker Comparison Table

Premium Quality

Editor’s Rating: 5.0

OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Maker

Our joint top choice for the best overall maker. For a large maker modeled on the pour-over brewing method, take a look at the OXO On Barista Brain. Complete with a freshness counter, you can enjoy your brew before it spoils with absolute confidence.

Our #1 Recommended

Also Great

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Brewer, Stainless Steel

Our best value drip maker, the Bonavita makes 8 – 10 cups of top-tier brew, without breaking the bank. With a thermal carafe for your convenience and a pre-infusion, try one today and you won’t be disappointed.

Best Drip Maker Under $100

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe

For a super-sized drip maker capable of making 14 cups, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp is hard to beat. Easy to clean and very straightforward to use, the Cuisinart gives you a great deal of bang for your buck.

Premium Quality

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Brewer with Thermal Carafe

The Moccamaster KBT is expensive but worth every cent. For the perfect golden cup of Joe.

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2-Way Brewer Programmable Maker

Two ways to brew. You can also opt for fresh grounds or K Cup pods. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s incredibly value for money, too

Editor’s Rating: 4.7

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

If you want a maker with a grinder thrown in, look no further than the Breville Grind Control. With outstanding functionality and flexibility, the Breville might not be cheap but it represents fantastic value for money.

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

Premium Quality

Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Brewer with Glass Carafe

The second Moccamaster drip maker topping choice is a superb 10-cup brewer, this time with a glass carafe. You’ll get more automated functionality. You can’t go wrong with Technivorm machines.

Editor’s Rating: 4.7

BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Brewer

For a no-nonsense drip maker that is simplicity itself, the BUNN BT Velocity is well worth a look. Get 10 great cups without needing to head to Starbucks. The thermal carafe keeps it warm for longer, too.

Editor’s Rating: 4.6

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Brewer

For a great value drip maker with a neat thermal carafe from a brand you can rely on, why not road test the Bonavita BV1800SS? It’s a minimalist machine that looks great and performs just as well.

II. Cheap Drip Maker Comparison Table

Editor’s Rating: 4.5

Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Brewer

Getting a cost-effective drip maker capable of using pods or grounds from a reputable brand is possible! For anyone on a more limited budget, we strongly recommend the Hamilton Beach 49980A. It punches far above its weight.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal System

Another competitively-priced drip maker with a thermal carafe. With a range of features normally found on pricier machines, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this Mr Coffee.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Our third value maker is another great machine from Hamilton Beach. Get programmable functionality and a tasty cup of Joe on demand without needing to take out a bank loan. Try the BrewStation today!

Read on for a selection of top rated drip maker reviews and get the best machine for the needs of you and your family without giving yourself a headache…

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III. Top Picks for Best Maker

1. The Best Rated Automatic Drip Maker | OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup

Editor’s Choice

OXO makes a range of coffee machines and this 9-cup model delivers Joe reminiscent of that produced with the pour-over method. We discuss this approach below.

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The timer really comes into its own. Simply hold down the OXO button, set the time you want your brew along with the number of cups and it will fire into action on demand.

Water temperature is regulated.

There’s another timer known as a Freshness Counter indicating clearly how long it’s been sitting there. This means you can drink up if time is running out. This counter maxes out at 60 minutes.

A neat silicone tube makes sure that it is mixed evenly. With a rainmaker showerhead like the shower in a nice hotel, the water will be evenly sprayed over the grounds so the flavor is fully extracted and you’ll get your coffee at its very best.

Cleaning is a breeze. You can remove the parts and they are all dishwasher-safe. You even get an indicator letting you know when it’s time to descale.

Certified by the SCAA, you know you’re in safe hands and will get first-rate cup of Joe every time.

Although the OXO is not cheap, the best things in life rarely are. It’s a strong contender for the best drip maker and well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Get the best extraction and saturation thanks to the rainmaker showerhead dispersing water evenly.
  • Makes 2-9 cups so perfect for any occasion.
  • Backlit LED display shows freshness and a single button can also be used as a dial.
  • Clear water reservoir lets you keep an eye on things with ease.
  • Unique silicon tube for a perfectly even mix.


  • A bulky unit so not suitable if kitchen space is it a premium
  • Not the cheapest drip maker

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2. Best Drip Maker for Value – Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe

After the best of OXO, we’d like to offer up the best value drip maker, the Bonavita BV 1900TS.

Straight off the bat, the one thing that can ruin a cup of Joe above all else, is a poor brewing temperature. With a poky 1560w heater, you can be assured the temperature is spot-on. The Bonavita surges to the desired 198 – 205 Fahrenheit range and stays there as your brews.

Although this drip maker is marketed as an 8-cup machine, you’ll actually end up with the same quantity as other leading 10-cup machines offer. This is because Bonavita base their figures on a 5oz cup rather than the smaller 4oz measurement used by much of the opposition.

An excess of unnecessary features on drip machines is becoming an unwelcome trend. The Bonavita sticks to what it does best and in return you’ll get a scaled-down machine that punches out perfect cup day in day out.

Once your brew is ready, there’s a sound to alert you so you won’t need to watch it like a hawk.

The thermal, stainless steel carafe is far preferable to a fragile glass alternative. Make sure your coffee stays warmer for longer without worrying about breakage.

Thanks to the flat bottom of the filter basket and the enlarged showerhead, saturation is improved along while extraction is optimized.

If you’re a real geek, you’ll revel in the pre-infusion mode. This is optional and wets your freshly roasted brew so it has plenty of time to degas before you get down to brewing.

In keeping with many value products, you’ll get what you pay for with little by the way of extras. If that keeps the price down, it’s fine by us. The added advantage is that the absence of a clock, timer, hotplate or any other fancy add-ons means that build quality is rock solid and there are far fewer moving parts to go wrong.

Put simply, if you’re on the trail of the best value drip maker, the Bonavita BV1900TS will deliver in fine style.


  • Brews a generous 8 5oz cups which equates to the 10 4oz cups of most competitors.
  • Extremely sturdy and built to last.
  • Capable and accurate heater ensures temperature is right.
  • Sleek design means it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen with no sacrifice on quality.
  • Rapid brew time so enjoy your brew in little over 5 minutes.
  • Super-simple operation so you can enjoy your brew without needing a PhD to use the machine.


  • No hotplate but this is offset to some extent by the thermal carafe
  • Blocky, functional design may not appeal to everyone

3. Best Under $100 – Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe

We fully understand that money is tight and that not everyone wants a ruthlessly expensive drip maker. With that in mind, our next featured product is the best drip coffee maker under $100, the Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ.

There are a couple of 12-cup options but we rolled with the 14-cup range-topper, tailor-made for even a sprawling family. Just hit the button on the far right and enjoy 1-4 cups for those occasions where there’s less need for caffeine.

While some mid-range drip machines seem almost bereft of features, the Cuisinart strikes a wonderful balance. You get a simple control panel and the ability to program the things you need without being swamped by unnecessary bells and whistles.

Cleaning your drip maker can be a real chore. Just remove the charcoal filter then pop some water and cleaning liquid in the reservoir. White vinegar is a smart choice in a 1:1 ratio with the water. Press and hold the Cuisinart’s Self Clean button then let it do its thing. Just run a couple of pots of hot water through, replace the filter and you’re back in business.

This helps take care of descaling. For regular cleaning, the carafe, filter and filter basket are all removable and dishwasher-safe.

With the Cuisinart’s nifty Brew Strength Control, you can make adjustments to the strength with absolute ease.

One thing to note is that the Cuisinart is a fairly substantial drip maker. This is not surprising, really, in light of its capacity. Bear this in mind if you live in a smaller apartment or somewhere with limited kitchen counter space.

If you fancy a superbly reliable drip maker and an extremely affordable price point, pop the Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ on your shortlist. It gets our vote hands down for the best value drip maker available today.


  • 14 cup capacity is great for large families or use in the workplace while you can also hit a button to make 1-4 cups fuss-free
  • Permanent filter for the sake of simplicity and savings over time
  • User-friendly control panel offers fully programmable functionality without being overcomplicated
  • Self-cleaning so no mess or messing around
  • Piping hot Joe every time without the risk of scorching or spoiling


  • Like all glass carafes, there’s a concern about fragility and longevity
  • Pretty bulky unit measuring over a foot high and weighing almost 9 pounds

4. Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe | The Best Tasting Coffee Maker

Technivorm, a Dutch company, was founded back in 1964 and is a brand you can trust.

In a world of mass-produced tat, Technivorm’s Moccamaster KBT is a breath of fresh air. Handmade from top-notch materials, the KBT is also 100% recyclable. You can do your bit for the environment.

Many drip machines fail to brew the water at the correct temperature. With a neat copper heating element, the brew always fall in the recommended range of 196 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the brew cycle is done, it will shut off automatically.

The transparent water reservoir lets you keep on eye on the progress of your coffee without messing around.

Drip machines seem to take an eternity to give you what you want. The Moccamaster KBT is a quickfire operator. The full brew cycle takes somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes so it’s great when you need your caffeine fix in a hurry.

If you’re heading out, you can leave the remainder of the pot for your family to enjoy. You can get up to 10 40oz cups from your machine which should be ample for even larger families.

The outlet arm has 9 holes punched through it guaranteeing an even saturation of your coffee. It’s touches like this that set the Moccamaster apart from some of its lesser rivals.

The stripped-down functionality is actually a good thing. Sometimes, fancy coffee machines can be so loaded with features that it’s confusing. The simple manual switch lets you choose between a full or half pot (4-6 cups or 8-10 cups) and, that aside, it’s simply a case of letting the machine do its work.

If you like leaving some coffee to hand while you work or relax, the stainless steel thermal carafe will keep it at drinkable temperature for about an hour and a half.

For anyone with the budget to spare and the desire for the best drip maker money can buy, our strong recommendation is Technivorm’s Moccamaster KBT. With a 5-year market-leading warranty thrown in, what have you got to lose?

The minimalist black and silver design will not be to everyone’s taste but the coffee certainly will! And that, ultimately, is all that counts.


  • Certified by the SCAA, SCAE and ECBC, leading coffee industry institutions
  • Super-swift brewing process in 4 to 6 minutes for a full pot
  • Auto drip-stop brew basket for seamless operation
  • Makes up to 10 large cups of coffee, perfect for the whole family
  • Plastics free of BPS and BPA so buy without trepidation
  • Wide choice of colors so you can tie in with the décor of your kitchen


  • Eye-watering price but you need to look beyond the bottom line
  • Glass carafe can be rather awkward to pour
  • Expensive but worth every cent

This short video is worth mentioning. You can get a great overview of how to ensure that you get that hallowed golden cup of coffee and how to get the very best from your Moccamaster drip coffee maker.

5. Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2-Way Brewer

Choosing the best coffee machines for home can seem overwhelming. It can also be hard not to feel like you’ve compromised yourself by choosing one variety over another…

Not only can you enjoy the ability to brew up 12 full cups of coffee in a pot, you can also get the convenience of a single serve machine in one hard-hitting unit. Whichever method you prefer, you can also fine-tune the strength from regular to strong.

Separate reservoirs that you need to top up with cold water lets you keep things simple. The transparent window shows you clearly when it’s time for a refill so there’s no guesswork or messing around.

Making your coffee using either method is extremely straightforward:

How to Brew Drip Coffee: Pour a maximum of 14oz of cold water in the reservoir on the right. Place a paper filter into the brew basket. Add your coffee to taste (roughly 6 scoops). Put the basket back in and cover the reservoir. Slide the glass carafe onto the hotplate and press the Carafe button. Hit Brew Now and, if you want a stronger cup, Brew Strength so that Bold comes up on the display. 6 cups takes roughly 6 minutes to brew. You can safely remove the carafe at any stage during the brewing cycle with no risk of spillage. Once it’s brewed, the carafe will automatically remain warmed

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There’s a digital clock which is easy to read and fully programmable. If you want coffee brewed at a predetermined time, simply ensure the reservoir is topped up with cold water and punch in the time up to 24 hours in advance.

Often, cleaning coffee machines is so much hassle it puts you off doing so resulting in degraded performance. Blitzing your Hamilton Beach is a breeze so you can keep on top of maintenance and get that golden cup of coffee every time.

If you want the shotgun service of a single cup using either K Cups or fresh coffee grounds and the convenience of brewing up an entire pot and leaving it to warm, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is the obvious solution.

A swift glance to round out at where this superb multi-tasking coffee maker stands and falls…


  • Dual functionality allowing you to brew a pot of coffee in the carafe or single serve cups
  • Fully programmable timer featuring automatic shut-off after 2 hours
  • Remove carafe without burning yourself since machine stops on its own for your safety
  • Enjoy generous sized cups of coffee (10oz using K Cup and 14oz with fresh coffee)
  • Super-simple to clean unlike many competing coffee makers


  • Limited to using one side at a time

6. Drip Coffee Maker with Grinder – Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control, Silver

If you like grinding your own coffee beans and want the convenience of a drip coffee maker and grinder rolled into one, check out the impressive Breville BDC650BSS.

This is certainly not a cheap and cheerful coffee maker but it serves double duty with no need for a separate system. Also, you’re also buying into the brand heritage of the reputable Breville. Considered in those terms, it doesn’t seem like such bad value after all.

Flexibility is uppermost with the BDC650BSS drip coffee maker…

You don’t always want to brew up a steaming carafe of a dozen cups. The Breville allows you to scale back so you can make a single cup. If you like cream in your coffee, you can adjust the settings so there’s room for that rather than finding your cup filled to the brim then needing to pour some coffee out to accommodate. Touches like that make all the difference.

Another size-related feature is the handy removable drip tray. Many people like a large mug of coffee and there’s nothing more tiresome than spending out good money on a coffee machine only to find your favorite cup doesn’t fit. Just slip out the Breville’s tray and the problem’s solved. As an added bonus, it also simplifies cleaning.

The auto-start feature is perfect if you want to be greeted by an immediate cup of coffee when you climb out of bed.

The LCD screen is not just for show. It feeds back useful information such as water levels, the strength of your coffee, grind size and timings. It’s easy to navigate and equally simple to read.

Controlling the temperature lets you experience that golden cup each and every time regardless of whether you use water from the tap or the freezer.

The thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm for long enough to enjoy a continual stash of ready-to-drink caffeine.

With the integrated grinder, you can avail yourself of fresh beans ground just the way you like them without needing another bulky unit to clutter up the kitchen.

For the best drip coffee maker with grinder, look no further than the Breville BDC650BSS.


  • Superb choice of 8 strength settings so ideal for households with different tastes in coffee
  • Burr grinder with 6 settings for a versatile grinding solution built into your drip coffee maker
  • Choose from single serving right through to a 12-cup carafe for maximum flexibility
  • Easily programmable to start up, grind and brew your coffee exactly when you want it
  • LCD screen crisp and clear with excellent feedback on the information you need
  • Insulated carafe to keep your coffee warmer for longer


  • Pretty pricey but it does offer 2-in-1 functionality

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7. Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe | The Highly Rated Coffee Maker

We decided to include the KBT’s stablemate, the Moccamaster KBG 741, in our best coffee maker category. There are some slight differences between these 2 models which we will address below. It’s pointless to rehash the areas in which these very similar drip coffee machines mirror each other.

You’ll get the same hand-tooled quality and a staggering array of colors if the standard black doesn’t quite go with your kitchen color scheme.

With the KBG, though, there’s a glass carafe in place of the thermal one. The thermal alternative is arguably better for keeping the flavor of your coffee optimized but it’s not for us to make that choice for you. What we will say is that Technivorm have tweaked the soleplate so the coffee will not become acrid and the flavors will not be spoiled.

Where the KBT needs to be manually switched to the closed position, the KBG 741 has a Stop and Serve option. Just remove the carafe, pour and you’re good to go. While you perhaps get less control than you enjoy with the KBT, you won’t need to remember to make adjustments either so it’s a question of personal taste.

The dual-phase element keeps the temperature hovering in the 176 – 185 degree range and shuts off after 100 minutes for safety and economy. You’ll get High and Low settings so you can switch between 45w and 60w modes.

You use regular type 4 filters so you won’t need to scour around for specialized accessories. If this seems like too much hassle, you can opt for permanent gold filters instead.

If you are always after that elusive golden cup – the perfect cup of coffee – certification from the 3 leading bodies in the industry should tell you all you need to know. While drip coffee machines can sometimes leave something to be desired, the Moccamaster KBG 741 punches above its weight.

In all other respects, from brewing through to the finished product, the Moccamaster KBG 741 is the same as its thermal brother.


  • Certified by the SCAA, SCAE and ECBC, leading coffee industry institutions
  • Super-swift brewing process in 4 to 6 minutes for a full pot
  • Auto drip-stop brew basket for seamless operation
  • Makes up to 10 large cups of coffee, perfect for the whole family
  • Plastics free of BPS and BPA so buy without trepidation
  • Wide choice of colors so you can tie in with the décor of your kitchen


  • Eye-watering price but you need to look beyond the bottom line
  • Glass carafe can be rather awkward to pour
  • Expensive but worth every cent

Before moving away from Technivorm, this short video is worth mentioning. You can get a great overview of how to ensure that you get that hallowed golden cup of coffee and how to get the very best from your Moccamaster drip coffee maker.

Also, a quick aside before we look at a much cheaper coffee maker…

If the idea of the 10 cup Moccamaster seems like it would be too much to handle and you’re tempted to start hunting down the best 4 cup or 5 cup coffee maker, remember that you can tweak the Technivorm machines so they make half a pot. Check out this freeze frame from the video which shows you how to adjust your Moccamaster for a smaller serving.

8. BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe

Our next all-purpose drip coffee maker is the BUNN BT Velocity, a 10-cup thermal machine at a reasonably keen price point. Since BUNN has been producing these machines for over 50 years, it’s nice to get great value combined with a brand you can trust.

Speed is the main selling point with this drip coffee maker. You can have coffee in your cup in just 3 minutes.

Thermal carafes are the smart solution if you want your coffee to keep its flavor and warmth for longer. There is seemingly an issue with the carafe leaking when it’s time to pour. It can be awkward to do this without coffee spilling out. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution. Many people claim that using Dawn dishwashing soap to clean the lid, seal and spout of the carafe stops the leakage. Don’t ask us how but it seems to work!

If you are looking for a feature-rich coffee maker, the BUNN is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want fresh and tasty coffee double-quick, it’s a wise choice. To say the features are limited is something of an understatement. There’s not even a switch! The only issue here is that the coffee will brew even if the carafe is not in position so exercise caution.

For a cheap and effective drip coffee maker stripped back to basics, give the BUNN a shot. If you like your machinery simple, this coffee maker is just the ticket. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, look elsewhere.


  • Inexpensive for the level of quality on offer
  • Very swift coffee delivery with brewing in just 3 minutes
  • Double-walled thermal carafe keeps your coffee warmer for longer and is also dishwasher-friendly
  • Superb sprayhead for optimal extraction and taste
  • Water tank made from rugged stainless steel and designed for keeping the water at just the right temperature


  • Some complaints about carafe leaking
  • A pretty bulky unit so not great for confined kitchens

9. Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Brewer

The last of our general drip coffee machines before we move on to some more cost-effective options, another great machine from Bonavita, this time the BV1800SS.

Bonavita has a hard-won reputation for producing stellar coffee makers at an affordable price. The BV1800SS is no exception.

If you want a coffee machine laden with computer-driven functionality, a drip coffee maker is probably not your best bet. If, however, you prize a fantastic cup of coffee without any unnecessary fanfare, give the Bonavita a whirl.

This model differs from the base 1800 since it has a thermal carafe. As we have outlined, this is preferable to the glass alternative so think about whether this is something of interest to you and buy accordingly. We are not here to give you the hard sell on any specific product. Get what’s right for you.

Cleaning drip coffee machines can be tiresome. With the Bonavita, you can take it apart and pop the components in the dishwasher without worrying about any damage. The plastic parts are BPA-free so you can rest securely knowing you won’t harm yourself either.

While the uprated carafe is a lovely touch, the showerhead is another often-overlooked part with drip coffee makers. The large design on the BV1800SS ensures that your grounds will be nice and evenly saturated.

For a bargain basement drip coffee maker that will deliver a sterling cup any time you want it, check out the Bonavita today!


  • Extremely affordable with no compromise on quality offering better value than some of the competition
  • Thermal carafe on this model makes it worth choosing over the base model (1800)
  • Oversized, rounded showerhead for even saturation of grinds
  • Hits the ideal temperature for a golden cup of coffee
  • Utilitarian design looks great and it’s extremely rugged so will last for years


  • Not programmable so decide what premium you place on this
  • Lid hinges are slightly flimsy so use with care
  • Carafe is rather small so consider if it meets your needs

Cheap Coffee Maker Reviews

As we approach the end of our best drip coffee maker reviews, it’s time for a trio of cheap options for anyone who wants that golden cup of coffee experience without breaking the bank.

10. Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Brewer

Cheap doesn’t need to equate to poor quality. Hamilton Beach produce functional appliances that are more than fit for purpose without bankrupting you. At a glance, the programmable machine looks like it should cost far more than its modest price tag.

The 49980A gives you the option of brewing a single cup or a full pot of 12 cups. There’s a glass carafe included for the full coffee experience. For single servings, simply use your favorite best coffee thermos.

Although you can program the Hamilton Beach, settings revert to default when you switch it off which is rather annoying. That said, it’s easy to use yet feature-heavy so a real win-win.

Pouring from the carafe is a dream. So many drip coffee machines fail roundly here and you end up with a kitchen surface covered with coffee. Whatever the speed of pour, it’s spillage-free with this excellent drip coffee maker.

The power of the hot plate is questionable. If you make a full pot and intend to leave it hanging around you might be disappointed.

With the option of using either pods or ground coffee and also being able to fine-tune the strength, this drip coffee maker is great for families with varying palates and preferences.

Overall, if you keep your expectations in check and want a solid, dependable coffee brewer without busting your budget, think long and hard about this Hamilton Beach drip coffee maker.


  • Exceptional value for money
  • Offers single serving of coffee or a 12-cup carafe for increased versatility
  • Tweak brew strength so perfect for differing tastes
  • Use either pods or ground coffee according to preference
  • The majority of parts slip in the dishwasher safely
  • Removable reservoir for your convenience


  • Hot plate is a little weak
  • Kicks out lots of steam and moisture
  • Programmed settings don’t save which can be tedious

11. Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Brewer

Our next budget-conscious drip coffee maker comes from Mr Coffee and is worth further investigation if you want something serviceable but affordable.

For a cheap machine, the thermal carafe is a nice touch. This retains heat far better than a glass carafe and usually comes on much more expensive machines. You can enjoy up to 10 cups of coffee in well under 10 minutes. If you like to have a pot to hand as you relax or work away, it will stay warm for a couple of hours.

The buttons are easy to use and the Freshness Timer lets you monitor how long your coffee has been sitting around without needing to reach for a stopwatch.

A Delay Brew feature gives you the chance to brew up in advance so your coffee will be ready on demand.

If you want to do all your cleaning in the dishwasher, you’ll be disappointed as the carafe is not suited to this method. You’ll need to clean it by hand so be aware of this before buying.

The interface, auto shut-off and overall look of this drip coffee maker could fool you into thinking it costs much, much more. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, though. Sadly, this is where some users complain about this machine.

Ultimately, only you can decide how much of a coffee purist you are and how much you prize aesthetics and features over the raw taste. It’s a reasonable machine but not one we would go out of our way to urge you to buy.


  • Fairly rapid delivery brewing 10 cups of coffee in 6 or 7 minutes
  • Water tank and filter basket very easily accessible so no fumbling around
  • Coffee brewed piping hot and stays warm for up to 2 hours in the thermal carafe
  • Controls easy to navigate so get great functionality without the confusion
  • Automatic shut-off is an unexpected bonus on a cheaper drip coffee maker


  • Some users question the temperature and resultant taste of coffee
  • Not possible to put the carafe in the dishwasher

12. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The last in our drip coffee maker reviews, another entry from Hamilton Beach, a superb 12-cup system known as the BrewStation.

The enclosed system sidesteps the need for a carafe and is a great way to save space while delivering top-notch coffee just like a conventional drip coffee maker.

The BrewStation is easily programmable without the interface overwhelming or confusing you. User-friendliness is so often overlooked in the constant search for more features. Hamilton Beach gets the balance just right.

For early risers who insist on coffee ready and waiting, the programmable brew system steps in to save the day.

On the downside, the design means that if you store this coffee maker underneath a cupboard or cabinet, you’ll need to drag it out when you want to add your coffee. Think about this and whether or not it will present a problem. We can’t answer that for you as everyone has a different level of tolerance for minor inconveniences like this.

Overall, if you want decent coffee served rapidly without spending three figures, check out the Hamilton Beach BrewStation. It could be just what you were waiting for!


  • Great brand heritage at an attractive price-point
  • Enclosed system ensures that your brew is optimized and stays hotter for longer
  • Very easy to use the interface with excellent functionality
  • Water tank a cinch to access
  • Works just like a standard drip coffee maker with the added benefit of an internal tank so no need for a carafe


  • Some users claim it does not keep your coffee warm for 2 hours
  • If you place it under a cabinet, you’ll need to pull it out to add your coffee grounds


Choosing the highest rated coffee maker can seem riddled with problems.

Rather than running on at length about what you should or shouldn’t do, we will walk you through some basic advice to simplify that buying decision…

IV. Coffee Maker and Brewing Techniques

As we mentioned at the beginning, you can choose from a whole host of different coffee machines, all of which come with their own techniques for achieving that golden cup of coffee.

We’ll take a brief look now at 8 of the best choices at your disposal if you want coffee shop quality drinks without the associated cost…


  • Espresso Machine
  • Nespresso Machine and Single Serve Coffee Machine
  • Vacuum/Siphon Brewers Coffee
  • Instant Coffee

1. French Press

For an inexpensive and extremely low maintenance solution to coffee making, the classic French press shows no signs of fading in popularity.

You’ll get a heavy, dense brew that’s best decanted immediately after brewing. Fail to do this and you run the risk of a bitterness and chalky consistency spoiling the effect.

  • Boil some water and prepare a coarse but even grind of coffee. Use a ratio of 1:12 grounds to water
  • Pour double the amount of water onto the grounds (70g water for 30g coffee)
  • Stir the grounds gently with a chopstick
  • Add the rest of the water and pop on the lid
  • After 4 minutes, plunge down on the filter
  • Serve immediately

2. Drip Maker

Our drip maker reviews above should give you all the information you need to know about this candidate for the best maker.

Machines vary but the overall process is similar…

  • Grind some medium-fine grounds.
  • Use 1tbsp of coffee per cup and add to filter.
  • Add cold filtered water (6oz per cup).
  • Start the machine and wait for the allotted time.
  • Serve and set aside any remaining to drink later.

3. Stovetop or Moka Pot

A moka pot is a dinky stovetop maker that’s remarkably understated yet capable of delivering top-tier coffee. Italians refer to moka pots as macchinettas.

The brew is produced when boiling water is pressurized by steam then passed through the grounds.

  • Add hot water to the base of your moka pot to just below the marked line.
  • Pop some grounds, a little coarser then espresso into the filter funnel.
  • Screw the 3 parts together then place on the stove. Use low or medium heat for best results.
  • With hot water, leave for 2 minutes. If using cold water, it takes 5 – 8 minutes.
  • Remove from heat once brew flows at the top.
  • Stir the top chamber and serve right away.

4. Pour-over and Cold Brew

We’ll look at these 2 methods for producing hot or iced coffee with a twist…

4.1 Pour-Over Coffee Maker

  • Boil some water and grind your coffee
  • Put your dripper on top of the mug with a filter inside
  • Pre-soak your filter and mug with boiling water
  • Add grounds to the filter then pour on some water that’s just off the boil
  • Wait for 30 seconds then pour the remaining water onto the grounds rather than the filter
  • When the water has drained, serve straight away

4.2 Cold Brew Maker

  • Grind some beans and add to your cold brew maker.
  • Add cold filtered water.
  • Place cold brew covered in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
  • Enjoy iced brew the way it was meant to be served.

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5. Espresso Machine

Espresso is a finely ground coffee boiled with a little nearly boiling water. Since it has the same amount of caffeine as a larger cup of coffee, the taste is stronger.

Served in tiny cups, espresso is arguably coffee in its purest form.

Espresso machines come in all shapes and sizes but the functionality is broadly similar…

  • Put some freshly ground beans into the portafilter.
  • Level the grounds using a circular motion. Make certain there are no crumbs around the edges.
  • Tamp the grounds then put the portafilter back onto the grouphead.
  • Brew into an espresso shot glass.
  • Pour into an espresso cup and serve piping hot.

6. Nespresso Machine and Single Serve Machine

Nespresso machines offer the quality of an espresso machine without the inconvenience.

You use pods or capsules of coffee so you have no mess, delivered on demand.

Using these single serve coffee machines couldn’t be simpler…

  • Insert your chosen Nespresso pod (or other capsule for generic single serve makers)
  • Press the button corresponding to your chosen drink
  • Wait for the machine to do its magic and enjoy a wonderfully aromatic and flavor-packed coffee

7. Vacuum/Siphon Brewers

Vacuum brewers are also commonly called siphon brewers.

You might be wondering what on earth these siphon brewers are or you might have spotted one in some of the more trendy shops.

Although they look confusing, the method is actually quite old and works very well. While some are fairly expensive, you can now buy vacuum machines without spending a fortune.

  • You’ll need some coffee, a siphon, fuel-filled burner, filter, water and a thermometer
  • Pre-heat the bottom carafe with hot water
  • Put the filter together in the top carafe
  • Measure out some coarsely ground coffee
  • Fill the bottom carafe with almost-boiling water
  • Activate your burner and position it under the bottom carafe
  • Wait for the water to start boiling. Add the thermometer to the top carafe
  • Once the lower chamber water starts bubbling, put the top carafe into the base of the carafe below
  • Add grounds to the water in the top carafe stirring it so that the grounds become completely saturated
  • Wait for 45 – 60 seconds
  • Remove the heater from the siphon stirring one final time
  • Remove the top carafe and serve once cooled

V. How to Choose The Best Drip Maker

  • Brewing Techniques: First thing’s first, think about the different types of makers at your disposal. Check out our breakdown above to see which variety of coffee maker best suits your needs
  • Automatic or Manual? Some of you will prefer the convenience of an automatic system while others want the control offered by a manual coffee maker. Again, there’s no right or wrong answer. Be honest about your needs and choose in line with this
  • Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans? Why not try both methods and see which one you prefer…
  • Programming Features: Go for a coffee maker offering programmable functionality. If you are a little more patience, this does not need to be a priority.
  • Auto Shut Off: Are you forgetful? Do you often leave appliances on and then get distracted only to find them boiling over? If so, shoot for a drip maker with auto shut-off so this kind of nightmare is a thing of the past!
  • Brewing Pause and On/Off Indicator Light: For more advanced features, you’ll probably need to spend a little more. Analyze your requirements honestly and determine whether you really need this frippery or whether a more basic machine would be adequate.
  • Stainless-Steel Filter Basket or Paper Filter: For reasons of quality and ease of use, we recommend makers with a stainless steel filter
  • Glass Carafe or Thermal Carafe: As repeatedly referenced above, thermal carafes are superior. One school of thought suggests glass carafes offer a better taste sensation but this is questionable at best. Thermal carafes last longer, are much more difficult to damage and will keep your brew hotter for longer. Thermal wins out every single time in our considered opinion.
  • Number of Cups: Depending on how to intend to use it, you can get drip coffee machines allowing you to make up to 12 cups. Many also allow you to make single servings or smaller pots so think about you and your family and buy the machine best molded to your needs.
  • Charcoal Water Filter: Since a large part of a cup of coffee is water, make sure this is not the part that lets you down.
  • Warranty: Manufacturers with strong products naturally tend to back them up with decent warranties. Use the length of the guarantee as a rough guide of quality.

Before Brewing


You’ll be working with a slight disadvantage since a drip maker can slightly impair the flavor of your coffee. Combat this by getting the freshest possible beans. Having them ground is not necessarily a smart idea. Ground beans spoil quickly.


Stick with whole beans and shoot for a medium roast.


The extraction process is where it gets its flavor and aroma. This happens when the hot water goes through the ground beans. When the extraction process is too quick, it becomes weak. The reverse scenario leads to bitterness. The speed of extraction is dictated by the fineness of the grind.

For flat bottom and gold filters, a medium grind is ideal. Cone shaped filters work well with medium or fine grinds.


A cup of joe is largely comprised of water. Make sure that water is of decent quality.

Filtered water is perfect.It’s important to experiment until you’re happy with the water ratio. This depends to some extent on taste but as a rule of thumb, use 1 or 2tbsp of water for every 6oz..

After Brewing

Remove Pot

When you have a glass carafe, you should always remove it from the warming plate once your coffee has brewed. If not, it is liable to scorch and become bitter. A thermal carafe is the best solution.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The pot should be cleaned on a daily basis with fuller maintenance conducted monthly.

Cleaning is simple:

  • Fill up the tank with an equal mixture of water and white vinegar
  • Set the brew cycle in action
  • Pour the mixture from the carafe back into the tank and repeat the procedure
  • Get rid of the mixture then use soap and water to clean the tank
  • Run a final brew cycle with water to flush the system through and you’re all set
  • Consider the best milk frother to really kick it up a notch.

If you take note of the above, there’s no reason the best drip maker won’t give you many years of service.

Our Top Pick: OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Maker


OXO makes a range of makers and this 9-cup model delivers brews reminiscent of that produced with the pour-over method. Certified by the SCAA, you know you’re in safe hands and will get first-rate brew every time.


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