Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Many people start their day with a big cup of coffee. This delicious dark elixir offers a shower of benefits, not least of which is fueling your morning commute with caffeine. Coffee has become a fundamental part of our lives.

If you love your coffee shop coffees but don’t like the price tag, you might consider buying a coffee maker to use at home. Not only will this save you money, it is also more convenient to grab your coffee on the way out the door without having to make a pit stop on the way to the office.

In today’s best Keurig coffee maker reviews, you’re in for a treat if you find the whole coffee machine buying process rather overwhelming.

Editor’s Choice

Our Pick: Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker

Rack up 6 cups of piping hot coffee from a single fill with the classic Keurig K55. Straightforward to use and clean, the K55 gives you all you need and nothing that you don’t in a single compact unit. The simplicity and quality of the pods combined with the speed of delivery makes this our pick for the best Keurig overall

You can choose from many different types of coffee makers, the most common being the traditional drip coffee maker. This type of coffee brewer will yield anywhere from a few cups to a dozen cups of coffee, depending on its size.

Increasing in popularity is the single serve coffee maker.

There are a variety of reasons you should consider purchasing a single serve coffee brewer instead of a traditional drip coffee maker

The number one reason single serve coffee makers are so great is that you get a fresh cup of coffee each and every time. Coffee in a pot tends to start tasting burnt or stale after an hour or so leaving you to deal with the awful taste or dump the coffee. What a waste.

Editor’s Choice

Our Pick: Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker

Rack up 6 cups of piping hot coffee from a single fill with the classic Keurig K55. Straightforward to use and clean, the K55 gives you all you need and nothing that you don’t in a single compact unit. The simplicity and quality of the pods combined with the speed of delivery makes this our pick for the best Keurig overall

You can choose from many different types of coffee makers, the most common being the traditional drip coffee maker. This type of coffee brewer will yield anywhere from a few cups to a dozen cups of coffee, depending on its size.

Increasing in popularity is the single serve coffee maker.

There are a variety of reasons you should consider purchasing a single serve coffee brewer instead of a traditional drip coffee maker

The number one reason single serve coffee makers are so great is that you get a fresh cup of coffee each and every time. Coffee in a pot tends to start tasting burnt or stale after an hour or so leaving you to deal with the awful taste or dump the coffee. What a waste.

A few more benefits to choosing a single serve coffee maker are that they are super-swift since you don’t have to wait for a full pot to brew, they are convenient to use, you get quality coffee without fail and each person using the machine can customize their coffee to their liking.

There are many different single serve coffee makers to choose from, but the firm favorite comes from the industry titan Keurig.

The Keurig company has been around since 1998, and they are the original maker of the single serve coffee maker as well as the single serve coffee pods that their machines use.

Keurig offers over 400 varieties of beverages to choose from including over 60 brands of coffee. No matter what you drink, Keurig’s got it!

You can check some of our previous reviews here but if you read on, we’ll break down the most popular models in the Keurig range so you can see which would work best for you and your family…

Sit back as you’re in for a treat!

I. Best Keurig Coffee Maker Comparison Table

1) Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

This 1.0 Keurig is a replacement for the mighty K45 and the K55 is a very worthy successor. Choose from 4 colors and make up to 6 cups of coffee with this awesome single serve machine that takes any K-Cup pods.

2) Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve

If you want the convenience of a single serve Keurig with a little more versatility and scope for customization, the K-Elite is part of the newest generation that delivers in fine style. Choose from a range of brew sizes and enjoy the best iced coffee as an added bonus.

3) Keurig K575 Programmable Platinum Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker (12 oz Brew Size, Hot Water on Demand)

This full programmable range-topping Keurig is one of the revamped 2.0 models. Finished in sleek platinum, you can make a range of drink sized and also accommodate a carafe if you want even more coffee!

4) Keurig K475 Programmable Black Single Serve K- Cup Pod Coffee Maker (12oz Brew Size, Temperature Control)

The K475 packs a 70oz water reservoir and, although it’s limited to proprietary Keurig pods, this scaled-down machine offers top-notch coffee in less than a minute with fully programmable functionality.

5) Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion Trial Pack

For an affordable commercial coffee maker, look no further than the Keurig K145. With auto shut-off, shotgun delivery and a build quality to ensure it stays the distance, you can’t go wrong with the K145.

6) Keurig K250 Programmable Black Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The K250 is a simple and compact single serve coffee maker coming in at an extremely attractive price. The base model of the 2 series, this excellent little coffee maker is the wave of the future.

7) Keurig K-Mini K15 Black Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

From the original line of 1.0 Keurig single serve coffee makers, the K-Mini K15 only has a single cup water tank. If you live alone or have limited coffee needs, this mini machine is a smart buy.

8) The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Whether you want a short or long espresso, a cappuccino or latte, the Rivo ensures you can enjoy your specialty coffees without any fanfare. Although it’s tasky to clean, the results are well worthwhile

9) Keurig K155 Office Pro Silver Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

For a solid and dependable commercial coffee maker with an extremely generous 90oz water reservoir, the Keurig K155 is tough to beat. Invest in one of these for your office and it will be money very well spent.

II. Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

1) Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Single Serve K-Cup Pod

Replacing the now discontinued K45, the Keurig K55 is a 1.0 model that regularly tops the list of the best Keurig single serve coffee makers.

Although it might at first glance appear to lack some of the bells and whistles of more upscale coffee makers, this very simplicity without sacrificing core functionality is one of its main selling points.

Available in black, blue, red and white, you can choose something to mesh nicely with your kitchen décor.

You’ll be able to enjoy an assortment of K-Cup pod sizes (6, 8 and 10oz) so you can tweak the strength according to your palate. If you make use of the 6oz option, you’ll get the strongest coffee.

The generous 48oz removable water reservoir is good for 5 or 6 cups before it needs topping up.

With the K40 and K45 now consigned to the history books, investing in a Keurig K55 might be one of the wisest decisions you make this year. For top-notch coffee in 60 seconds flat, road test the K55 today!

Keurig K55 Special Features

  • Programmable so enjoy your coffee on demand
  • 4 colorways ideal for all kitchens
  • Brew 6 cups without needing to refill
  • Auto-off feature kicks in after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Various strengths so perfect for the whole family

How To Start Brewing With Keurig K55

Making coffee with the K55 couldn’t be easier.

Top the water reservoir up and grab your K-Cup pod.

Hit the power button and hold fire until it starts blinking. Lift the lid and pop your pod inside.

Choose from the 3 sizes (6, 8 and 10oz for a small, medium or large cup) depending on how strong you want your coffee.

In no more than 60 seconds, your piping hot coffee is served.

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  • Versatile coffee maker offering 3 different strengths so ideal for all the family
  • Substantial 48oz water reservoir good for 5 or 6 cups for your convenience
  • Extremely cheap for such a hard-hitting single serve coffee maker
  • Auto-off feature great for safety and saving electricity
  • 4 pods and 2 water filters thrown in so enjoy premium coffee straight out the box


  • Some users have complained about problems developing over time
  • A few reported issues with coffee being served almost lukewarm but this is fairly subjective

2) Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker

We fully understand that money is tight and that not everyone wants a ruthlessly expensive drip coffee maker. With that in mind, our next featured product is the best drip coffee maker under $100, the Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ.

There are a couple of 12-cup options but we rolled with the 14-cup range-topper, tailor-made for even a sprawling family. We know you don’t always want or need a huge flagon of coffee. Just hit the button on the far right and enjoy 1-4 cups for those occasions where there’s less need for caffeine.

While some mid-range drip coffee machines seem almost bereft of features, the Cuisinart strikes a wonderful balance. You get a simple control panel and the ability to program the things you need without being swamped by unnecessary bells and whistles.

Cleaning your drip coffee maker can be a real chore. Just remove the charcoal filter then pop some water and cleaning liquid in the reservoir. White vinegar is a smart choice in a 1:1 ratio with the water. Press and hold the Cuisinart’s Self Clean button then let it do its thing. Just run a couple of pots of hot water through, replace the filter and you’re back in business.

This helps take care of descaling. For regular cleaning, the carafe, filter and filter basket are all removable and dishwasher-safe.

Many drip coffee machines are one-trick ponies forcing you into buying multiple packs of coffee unless everyone in your household has the same palate. With the Cuisinart’s nifty Brew Strength Control, you can make adjustments to the strength with absolute ease.

Speed has always been one of the key selling points with single serve units and you’ll get coffee in your cup within a minute which is as good as it gets.

You can use a broad spread of K-Cup pods with none of the restrictions you’ll find on some Keurig second-generation machines. With those DRM limitations history, you can choose the coffee you like without being hemmed in. You’ll have over 500 different options so you’ll never get bored.

Do you sometimes hanker after an iced coffee? If so, just brew over ice using the designated setting and you’ll be rewarded with a rich and full-bodied cold drink with none of the weakness that can spoil iced brews.

There’s very little we can say to knock the K-Elite. The only thing to be aware of is the cost of pods on an ongoing basis. While they are cheap when compared to coffee chain drinks, if you drink a great deal of coffee you might find this machine becomes an expensive vice.

For the perfect combination of convenience and quality with stunning looks thrown in for good measure, we’re confident the Keurig K-Elite will attract a loyal following in no time so check one out today and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Adjustable brew temperature from 187 to 192 degrees Fahrenheit so start your coffee with perfect water
  • Strong brew if you enjoy an added kick
  • Iced setting ideal for cool drinks in summer
  • Range of brew size settings gives added choice
  • Striking brushed metallic finish


  • Price of pods mounts up over time

3) K575 Programmable Platinum | K-Cup Coffee Maker

One of the rebooted 2.0 Keurig models, the K575 comes in at roughly twice the price of the K55 and is currently the flagship Keurig.

You’ll enjoy an extremely generous water reservoir good for at least 10 cups of coffee and you can take advantage of making cups or carafes depending on your preference.

The muted platinum colorway means it’ll look great in your kitchen and the scaled-down dimensions ensure it won’t clutter up your counter.

With a fully programmable machine featuring a crisp display, you can enjoy technology without being overwhelmed by a complex system.

The Keurig K575 is one of the best Keurig coffee makers on the market and you should pop one on your shortlist.

K575 Special Features

  • 80oz water tank is the largest of any Keurig
  • Substantial LED touch screen for enhanced functionality
  • Fully programmable so wake up to a fresh and steaming breakfast drink or come home to find your coffee brewed
  • Strength settings giving you maximum choice with your coffee along with 5 temperature settings to suit all palates
  • K-Carafe pack available so you can brew up larger quantities if you have a bigger family

How To Start Brewing With K575

As with all Keurig single serve coffee makers, simplicity is uppermost. There is no messing around like you get with a full-bore manual espresso machine and this is one of the principal reasons for the continuing popularity of single serve machines.

Fill up your reservoir making sure it falls between the minimum and maximum levels. Note, too, that you need to run the machine a couple of times before using it to clean it through.

Snap the water filter into its place in the bottom of the reservoir. The machine will now fill and pre-heat.

Put your cup or the carafe in position.

Slip in your K-Cup pod and choose your size before hitting the flashing button.

It really is as easy as 1,2,3!


  • Perfect combination of technology, user-friendliness and simplicity
  • Jumbo reservoir lets you pour in enough water for 10 or more coffees so you won’t be needlessly rushing around in the morning
  • Choose from 5 pod sizes from 4oz through 12 oz or opt for the carafe feature and brew up 22oz, 26oz or 28oz of coffee so totally versatile
  • If you enjoy super-strong coffee, hit a button and enjoy a more intense brew fuss-free
  • Although performance is first-rate, its small footprint means it won’t take up too much space on the counter and it’s very easy on the eye too


  • 2.0 technology comes with its advantages but you will be limited to using K-Cup pods
  • As with all Keurig machines, the coffee might not be hot enough for some

4) Keurig K475 Programmable Black Single Serve K- Cup Pod (12oz Brew Size, Temperature Control)

If you’re looking for one of the higher end Keurig 2.0 models but you are also budget conscious, the K475 makes perfect sense.

The 2.0 range from Keurig offers you the best of their pioneering technology but you will be limited to using their proprietary pods.

With the K475, you can plump for a color to match your kitchen and choose between making cups or carafes. The 70oz water reservoir capable of yielding up to 8 cups of coffee means it’s an entirely hassle-free experience to bring Starbucks quality coffee into your home at a fraction the cost.

With a reduced footprint making it great for anyone in a small apartment and the total flexibility you expect from all Keurig single serve coffee machines, the K475 is well worth your further investigation.

Keurig K475 Special Features

  • 70oz water tank gives you enough for up to 8 cups of coffee
  • Touch screen so you can get straight down to business and enjoy your coffee in less than a minute
  • Programmable timer makes this a very flexible coffee maker
  • Removable drip tray for the sake of hygiene and convenience
  • Strength and temperature settings allow you to fine-tune your coffee to taste

How To Start Brewing With Keurig K475

Many of the Keurig single serve machines are very similar in terms of overall functionality and the K475 operates in much the same way as its bigger brother.

You need to fill up the reservoir and ensure the filter is in place for a clean, sediment-free drink.

Choose from a cup or carafe then tweak your temperature and strength settings so you’ve got the perfect cup for you and your family.

Fit the pod into place, press the button and hey presto, there’s your caffeine fix in the time it takes to wash your hands.


  • Fully programmable machine but without being too complicated for non-technical users
  • Total versatility with strength, temperature and size of beverage so ideal for a family with varying tastes
  • Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the removable drip tray
  • Auto shut-off is a great way to slash your power bill
  • Perfect for compact kitchens due to its surprisingly small overall dimensions


  • Being limited to K-Cup pods can feel rather restrictive
  • Coffee from these machines is not hot enough for everyone so think about trying before you buy
  • Carafe needs to be purchased separately

5) Keurig K145 Office PRO Coffee Maker with K-Cup Trial Pack

Although it looks pretty similar to the Keurig main line, the K145 Office PRO is a hard-hitting little coffee maker ideal for commercial use.

The relatively small dimensions of the K145 mean it will fit in easily to a smaller premises while the rock-solid build quality ensures that it will stay the distance and not give up the ghost after a month of relentless use.

Although it might seem a little limited in terms of what it will do, you’ll get ample choice with 3 cup sizes to choose from and the ability to accommodate travel mugs if you take out the drip tray. The removable nature of this tray also leads to simple maintenance and cleaning, crucial in a business where time is money.

For an affordable commercial coffee maker, the Keurig K145 Office PRO is very hard to beat.

Keurig K145 Office Pro Special Features

  • Removable reservoir promotes straightforward cleaning which is essential in the workplace
  • Turns off automatically after 2 hours so save your power bill
  • Choose from 3 cup sizes (6, 8 and 10oz) so perfect for varying requirements in an office backdrop
  • Brews in 2 minutes from cold making it the optimum coffee maker for a busy workplace
  • Choose from coffee, tea, cocoa or iced drinks for the ultimate in freedom of choice

How To Start Brewing Coffee With Keurig K145 Office Pro

Switch the machine on and it will start warming itself automatically. You only need to do this once you start your working day and it will remain switched on unless it’s unused for 2 hours.

Insert your K-Cup pod. Put your cup underneath and select the size using the simple dial.

The light will go out once it’s heated at which point you shut the lid and hit the blue button.

In less than a minute, you’ll be back at your desk drinking a delicious cup of coffee.


  • Highly affordable giving you a coffee maker fit for commercial use at the price you’d expect to pay for a home machine
  • Get a 12-pack of K-Cups thrown in which is a nice bonus at this price point
  • Removable drip tray means as well as being easy to clean you can also make use of travel mugs
  • Build quality is first rate and will withstand even sustained, heavy use in a commercial environment
  • Despite all this functionality, the machine won’t take up too much space on the work surface


  • Pump kicks out a little too much noise for comfort but it’s not deafening
  • Water reservoir could be bigger so not ideal for larger offices with a heavy demand for coffee
  • Not compatible with My K-Cup Filter
  • No water filter

6) Keurig K250 Programmable Black Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The 2 series from Keurig are ultra-affordable and compact machines that are very similar and the K250 is the model we most recommend. Although it’s the base model, you get

Coming in an impressive 8 colorways, there’s truly something for everyone with this neat little single serve coffee maker.

It’s a nice touch to get a simple black and white touch screen considering how inexpensive the K250 is. The display is clear and easy to read and all you need to do is select your brew size to enjoy the optimum golden cup of coffee.

As with all 2.0 models, you’ll be restricted to the K-Cup pods so make sure you’re aware of this before purchasing.

For a small but impressive single serve coffee maker at a pocket-friendly price, the K250 from Keurig is a smart choice.

Keurig K250 Special Features

  • Comes with 4 K-Cup pods, a pair of water filters and some descaling solution so you have all you need in the package
  • 40oz reservoir ample for 4 tasty cups of coffee
  • Monochrome touch screen is super-easy to navigate even if you’re not tech-savvy
  • Choose from 4 brew sizes or a carafe offering you maximum bang for your buck
  • Dispenses hot water only if required by simply opening and closing the handle without using a pod

How To Start Brewing Coffee With K250

The first time you use your machine, you’ll want to allow the filter cartridge sit for a few minutes in some cold water.

Fill the reservoir with cold water then insert the filter.

Hit the central Keurig 2.0 button, open the lid and put the K-Cup pod into the chamber.

Select your drink size using the touch screen, press the central button again and you’re good to go. Coffee making doesn’t get much easier!


  • Although the reservoir is smaller, this means the machine takes up less space so perfect for apartment dwellers
  • Use Keurig 2.0 reusable filter if you prefer fresh ground coffee
  • Touch screen functionality is a nice bonus at this price point
  • Can use to deliver hot water only which is ideal if you fancy ringing the changes with a cup of tea
  • Choice of 8 vibrant colors so there’s something to match every kind of kitchen


  • Limited to Keurig K-Cup pods as with all 2.0 Keurig coffee makers

7) Keurig K-Mini K15 Black Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

If you’re on the trail of an uber-compact single serve coffee maker without sacrificing the quality of your caffeine fix, the Keurig Mini K15 is worthy of further investigation.

The K15 is one of the original line of Keurigs so you’ll be able to use a wider range of pods. Although it’s now a little long in the tooth, it still looks fresh and shows no signs of its age.

While the single cup water tank will miss the mark if you have a busy household all clamoring for their morning coffee, for anyone with smaller families or living alone, this tiny little machine is ideal and punches above its weight.

K-Mini K15 Special Features

  • Single cup reservoir ensures the ultimate in portability and space-saving
  • Use any K-Cup pod so you won’t be limited for choice
  • Removable drip tray allows you to make use of your travel mug if you enjoy coffee on the go
  • Choose from 3 cup sizes (6, 8 and 10oz) so a winner however you like your coffee
  • 5 color schemes at your disposal so match with your kitchen stress-free

How To Start Brewing Coffee With Keurig K-Mini K15

Operating the Keurig K15 is a breeze.

Add enough water to the tank for your cup of coffee and insert the K-Cup pod.

Simply press the brew button and choose your cup size then wait for perhaps 2 minutes and you’re all set.

You add the same amount of water regardless of the size cup you choose.


  • An exceptionally small coffee maker that doesn’t compromise on brewing quality in the quest for portability
  • Make coffee, tea or hot chocolate in 3 different cup sizes offering you plenty of choice
  • Slot in a travel mug by slipping out the drip tray which is designed to make cleaning up a cakewalk
  • Brews your coffee on demand so energy efficient
  • Ideal for student houses or for anyone who wants the Keurig experience but finds themselves constrained by budget


  • Single cup water reservoir will be restrictive for some so make certain you know this before plungging in.
  • Not programmable although it does feature auto shut-off
  • Power cord is cut too close for comfort at a mere 36 inches

8) The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

If you’re on the trail of a relatively inexpensive way to make coffee shop style cappuccino or latte at home, look no further than the Keurig Rivo.

You’ll be able to opt for a short or long espresso and choose between 3 types of froth if you prefer a longer coffee instead.

You should be aware that, although it’s very straightforward to use, you will need to clean this coffee maker a little more frequently than most Keurigs. Also, you won’t be able to use K-Cup pods or regular coffee.

If, though, you are a fiend for espresso, latte and cappuccino, invest in the Rivo today and you will not be disappointed!

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Keurig Rivo Special Features

  • Super-swift delivery in less than a minute if machine is warmed or 3 minutes if brewing from cold
  • 3 froth modes for your longer drinks (cold, cappuccino, latte)
  • Short or long espresso
  • Froth your milk as you simultaneously brew espresso for real multi-tasking
  • 60oz water reservoir more than adequate for most needs

How To Start Brewing Coffee With Keurig Rivo

With Keurig’s majestically simple Rivo technology, you can make myriad different drinks using just 5 buttons.

Espresso is incredibly simple. Make sure the reservoir is full, insert your pod and choose from a long or short espresso and you’ll be ready to roll in a minute or so.

To make a cappuccino, place the pod in the brewer and a 12oz cup underneath on the drip tray. Make a short espresso by pressing the button on the bottom left.

Pour in some cold milk to the frothing pitcher and replace the lid. Add no ice or syrup before frothing as this might damage your system.

Hit the froth button. Remove the frothing pitcher, remove the lid and pour into your espresso for a delicious cappuccino!

Be sure to clean the pitcher after each use. Every 10 or 12 drinks, clean all interior components.


  • Decide between regular espresso or lungo if you prefer a less intense short coffee
  • Substantial 20oz milk frother for a really creamy latte or cappuccino
  • A trio of frothing options if you prefer a lighter and longer coffee
  • Get your coffee fix in a hurry thanks to 15 bars of pressure
  • Very inexpensive for a multi-purpose espresso and cappuccino machine so superb overall value


  • Cannot make regular coffee
  • Unable to use K-Cup pods
  • Needs a fair amount of cleaning so not as low maintenance as other Keurig models

9) Keurig K155 Office Pro Silver Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

If you have an office and fancy a single cup coffee maker that looks great and performs just as handily, think seriously about the Keurig K155.

The K155 offers you the choice of 4 different beverage sizes – sadly not a 12oz! – and allows you to program everything from an intuitive color touch screen.

With an exceptionally generous 90oz water reservoir, you can even plumb this unit straight into a water source if that’s not quite enough for your needs.

If you want a rugged and dependable coffee maker and you’re prepared to accept a little noise kicked out in return, the Keurig K155 is a strong contender for the best commercial single serve coffee maker currently on the market.

Keurig K155 Office Pro Special Features

  • Sleek silver finish will set off any office perfectly
  • Full color touchscreen you can program with ease
  • 4 brew sizes from 4oz to 10oz catering for all tastes
  • Drain and store feature makes moving your coffee machine around a walk in the park
  • 90oz reservoir is among the biggest available

How To Start Brewing Coffee With Keurig K155 Office Pro

Everything you need is easily accessible from the color touch screen.

Top up the reservoir and choose your size of brew after ensuring your pod is in place.

In a minute or so, you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee in your hand.

With everything controlled from the screen, brewing coffee has never been this easy!


  • Generous reservoir allows you to make up to 18 cups without needing to refill
  • Optional water plumbing kit if you want to make even more coffee
  • Specially built to be used for sustained periods without letting you down o ideal for a commercial setting
  • Easy to use non-2.0 K-Cups so enjoy complete flexibility
  • Serve up your coffee in under a minute so works well in busy environments


  • Doesn’t support a carafe
  • Very noisy so not really suited for home use
  • No option for a 12oz cup so think again if you enjoy larger coffees (or brew a 6oz twice!)

III. What Is the Best Keurig Model?

Over the years, Keurig has improved upon their original design making changes and tweaks where needed. There have been nearly 60 models brought to market and with so many to choose from it can be hard to wade through the information and find out which one is best for your needs.

Having hit you with a full selection of Keurig reviews, we’ll now take a closer look at a couple of our favorite Keurig single serve models.

If you want to know more about what other available models have to offer, be sure to check out our Keurig coffee maker reviews above for an in-depth report on them.

We’ll double down now on the Keurig K55 K-Classic and the Keurig K575.

1. Keurig K55 K-Classic

One of the main benefits to rolling with the K55 model over others is the price. When looking at single serve coffee brewers, it is easy to become overwhelmed by cost, but this K55 is a great option for the budget conscious. One of the reasons it is more affordable is that is doesn’t come with a lot of the extra features that the more expensive models do but don’t let that fool you! This is a wonderful single serve coffee maker.

Let’s take a glance at what this model has to offer…


  • Multiple Cup Sizes – The K55 has the ability to brew multiple sized cups of coffee including 6, 8 and 10 ounces. You can brew a small cup of coffee to enjoy with breakfast or a larger mug of coffee to take with you on your morning commute – the choice is yours
  • Reservoir – A time saving feature here! The water reservoir on the K55 holds up to 48 ounces of water. This means you can brew 6 single serve cups of coffee before you need to refill the water. The reservoir is also removable, so you can take it off to refill it
  • Auto Off – If your K55 sits idle for 2 hours, it will automatically shut off. This will save you money on your energy bill and it will quickly heat back up once you are ready for your next cup of Joe
  • Choices – You can choose from the dozens of coffees, teas, cocoas and other drinks available as K-Cups, or you can use a reusable filter and embrace the ground coffee you already love


When opting for this model, you’ll be delighted with its ease of use, its affordability and its versatility. It’s a great choice for any home.

2. Keurig K575

This is Keurig’s strongest brewer, and it gives the user an incredible array of choices and features to use. It makes brewing coffee a truly enjoyable experience.

The Keurig 575 has a legion of happy users and perhaps you will soon be one of them.

This particular model offers a rake of features that we’ll look at now…


  • Multiple Cup Sizes – The K575 can brew cups of coffee in multiple sizes including 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces. Additionally, you can purchase a Keurig carafe and the K575 will brew 11, 26 or 30 ounces of coffee at once
  • Reservoir  The water reservoir on this model holds an incredible 80 ounces of water allowing you to enjoy up to 10 cups of coffee before you need to refill it. The reservoir is removable, allowing you to take it where you need in order to refill it
  • Multiple Brew Options  The K575 allows you to adjust the strength of your cup of coffee and there are also 5 different controls to choose from to tweak the temperature. You can also use multiple types of pods with this brewer including the K-Cup pods, K-Mug pods, K-Carafe pods, and when using the reusable My-K-Cup filter you can even use your favorite ground coffee
  • Touch Screen – This machine features an extra-large color touch screen for ease of use. It contains a digital clock, a night-light with multiple color selections, and multiple programming options to suit your needs.

IV. Benefits of A Keurig Coffee Maker

There are many reasons for choosing a single serve coffee maker, but there are several driving factors that should encourage you to choose a Keurig brand coffee brewer over other brands…

Keurig is the original, and every single serve coffee maker since Keurig came out is just imitating them. Sure, some have made changes and there are differences, but Keurig is still the number one brand for a reason. They’re simply the best.

The variety in available sizes as well as the incredible functionality are just two of the reasons people choose these machines.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider purchasing a Keurig single serve coffee maker:


  • Speed – In today’s wired world, everyone is in a rush and Keurig knows that. Most of us don’t have 20 minutes in our hurried mornings to wait around for a pot of coffee to brew. Luckily, most Keurig models have the ability to brew a cup of coffee in under a minute
  • Ease of Use – Keurig machines are easy to operate. Obviously, the more functions there are the more the user will need to learn. However, the most basic Keurig models operate with a single button push
  • Variety – As we stated earlier, Keurig offers you an incredible choice of beverages. There are over 400 different options including over 60 coffee choices alone. In addition to that, you can enjoy both hot and cold drinks
  • Functionality – Keurig is king when it comes to function. The machines themselves tend to have a small countertop footprint, not much larger than a traditional drip coffee maker. Most feature a removable water reservoir allowing for easy filling at the sink. Several models will also allow you to choose from different cup sizes and brew strengths to suit your needs and preferences
  • Uniformity  When using a traditional coffee maker, it can be hard to get the coffee to water ratio just right, resulting in differing levels of taste each day. With Keurig’s K-Cups you don’t have to worry about that. Each K-Cup is prefilled with just the right amount of coffee grounds. Simply select the cup size you are brewing and let the machine do the rest
  • Less Waste – If you are used to brewing an entire cup of coffee then only having time for a cup or two before having to throw the rest out, worry no more. Keurig brews only one cup at a time (unless you have a model that supports a carafe), allowing you to get just what you need without having to throw out any extra


You can choose from a wide array of models that all have different features and specifications to meet your needs.

Boasting impressive features, simple operation procedures, a plethora of drink choices and incredible functionality, it’s easy to see why Keurig remains a best seller decades after first hitting the market.

V. How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

Single serve coffee brewers get a lot of use. To make sure you get the most out of your machine, to ensure it lasts a long time as well as making sure your coffee tastes good every time, you will need to clean the machine periodically. This process of cleaning your Keurig coffee maker is called descaling.

Depending on how hard your water is and how often you use the coffee maker, minerals will build up in the brewing system and can cause clogs to accumulate. If left alone, these clogs can result in the machine ceasing to work entirely.

To avoid these problems, it is important that you clean your machine and that you do so properly.

It doesn’t matter if you are brewing coffee, tea or hot cocoa, you will need to descale the Keurig brewer every 3 to 6 months. And you should clean the water reservoir each week

To properly descale your machine, follow the below steps…

Descaling Rinse

1. Descaling Your Keurig Coffee Brewer

First, you must take care of a few simple tasks to ensure your machine is ready to be cleaned.

Getting Your Machine Ready to Be Cleaned

If there is water in the reservoir, empty it. If your machine has a water filter, remove it.

Follow your brewer’s instructions and shut off the “auto-off” function so your brewer will be able to run through the entire descaling process.

Turn off your Keurig.

You will need the Keurig Descaling Solution to complete this task. You can purchase the solution here.


  • Pour the full bottle of the descaling solution into the brewer’s reservoir. Refill the empty solution bottle with water and pour this into the reservoir
  • Now you need to turn the coffee maker back on
  • Choose a mug that will hold at least 10 ounces and place it on the drip tray
  • Lift the handle, but do not place a pod in the pod cup. Lower the handle back down
  • On the screen, choose a 10-ounce brew and start the brewing process
  • Once the machine has run through the cleansing brew, pour the mug full of liquid into the sink
  • Place the mug back onto the drip tray and continue to follow these steps until the Keurig Machine displays “More Water Please”
  • Leave the brewer on but leave it alone for 30 minutes
  • Once the 30 minutes have passed, pour out any remaining solution and thoroughly clean the water reservoir

Rinse with Fresh Water

Now that you have descaled the brewer, you need to make sure you get all the cleanser out of the brewing system in case it ends up in your drink later.

To do this, follow these steps…


  • First, fill the reservoir up to the max fill line with fresh water
  • Get your large mug and place it back on the drip tray
  • Lift the handle, but again do not insert a K-Cup pod. Lower the handle, then select the 6-ounce brew size and run your Keurig coffee maker through a cleansing brew
  • Once the brewing process is finished, pour the liquid out and place the mug back on the drip tray
  • Repeat this process 12 times refilling the reservoir as necessary

2. Cleaning the Water Reservoir

You should clean the water reservoir each week, especially if you use the coffee brewer on a daily basis. To do this, follow these straightforward steps:


  • Take the reservoir off the brewer and remove the lid from the reservoir
  • Using warm water and soap as a clean cloth, wipe down the inside of the reservoir
  • Rinse out the soapy water but do not dry the inside of the reservoir. Lint and other tiny particles could be left behind and they will eventually run through the brewing system and make it into your drink. Simply let the reservoir air dry
  • Fill the reservoir with water and place it back onto the machine
  • Run the Keurig machine through a hot water cleansing brew
  • Refill the reservoir and run the machine through a hot water cleansing brew a second time
  • Now your reservoir is clean for the week!

3. Cleaning Other Parts of the Keurig Brewer

To keep the brewer functioning properly, you also need to clean the drip tray and the pod holder. These are tasks that should be carried out on a weekly basis.

Drip Tray

Cleaning the drip tray is easy. Simply remove the tray from the coffee maker and empty it. Wash it with warm water and soap, dry the tray with a clean cloth and place the tray back on the Keurig machine.

Pod Holder

To cleanse the pod holder, you need to remove it from the brewer. Be mindful of the sharp needles so that you don’t hurt yourself!

Rinse the pod holder with warm water but do not use soap. Let the pod holder air dry and place it back in the brewer. When you place the holder back in the brewer, make sure you line the arrows up so that the piece is in the machine correctly.

You need to run at least one hot cleansing brew before using the machine to make a beverage again. (It would save time to cleanse the reservoir and the pod holder at the same time, so that you are not running multiple cleansing brews.)


Additionally, you should wipe down the Keurig machine’s exterior frequently, at least once a week. This will keep it looking nice and prevent junk from getting into the machine and causing problems, or even worse, landing in your drink while it’s brewing.

A Note

Keurig recommends using bottled water or spring water instead of tap water to reduce the amount of buildup in the brewing system. No matter what type of water you use though, you will still need to descale your coffee maker several times a year.

Also, if your Keurig coffee maker uses a water filter, make sure you replace it on a regular basis as well. It doesn’t make a difference what type of water you are using, the filter will still need to be replaced.

VI. Keurig Troubleshooting

As with any small appliance, from time to time you might run into problems with your Keurig coffee maker. These snags can range from small issues like the machine brewing too slow to seemingly catastrophic issues like major water leakages.

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most common problems faced by Keurig users as well as how to tackle these problems and get back to brewing.

Customer Service

Keurig has excellent customer service and it is important to them that their customers are satisfied with their products.

If your Keurig coffee maker is still under warranty, you should absolutely call customer care before attempting any fixes yourself.

If you are having problems with your Keurig coffee brewer, contact Keurig’s customer care. You can do this by calling them at 1–866–901–BREW (2739). You can also reach them through their Contact Us page on their website.

When contacting customer care about the issues you are having with your Keurig, make sure you have your serial number available. You can find this number on a sticker that is located behind the water reservoir on your brewer.

Now let’s delve into some of the most common problems and look at ways you can fix them yourself without having to contact customer service…

Brewing Problems

After using your Keurig coffee maker for a while, you might notice that it isn’t brewing as well as it once was. Perhaps the machine is only brewing you a partial cup of coffee or maybe there is no water being dispensed at all.

There can be a few things causing this problem…


  • Your machine could be ready for a good cleaning. This is a simple fix. Just follow the steps above to properly descale your machine and get it back in tip-top shape
  • Maybe you bumped the reservoir and knocked it out of place while the machine was brewing. This will halt the brewing process resulting in you not getting your coffee. Place the reservoir back on the brewer and try to make your drink again
  • Sometimes the exit needle gets clogged with coffee grounds. To fix this problem, put the brewer through a cycle with water only. This should release anything that is stuck in the needle, allowing your Keurig to once again function as intended
  • There could be air bubbles in the water line. To remedy this, shut off the machine and unplug it. Fill the reservoir to the max fill line and place it back on the brewer. Gently tap or shake the brewer to try to release the air that is trapped in the tubing. Plug the brewer in and try running it through a brewing cycle again
  • A less common problem is that your Keurig could have a faulty brew basket. If this is the case and your brewer is still under warranty (less than a year old), call Keurig’s customer service and they will likely send you a new one

Coffee Grounds in Your Cup

The exit needle of your Keurig coffee maker is important as this is what allows the brewed coffee to pour into your cup for you to enjoy.

After repeated use, this needle can become clogged with coffee grounds. When the brewed coffee flows through the needle into your cup, it will contain more than just your delicious coffee resulting in a cup of coffee that has been soiled by the coffee grounds now floating in it.

To remedy this problem, you need to clean the exit needle.


  • First, shut off the power and unplug the coffee maker. Be mindful of the needles as they are quite sharp
  • In the K-cup holder, there is a lever. Push this lever and you will be able to access the exit needle
  • Some Keurig models come with a plastic tool that is made for cleaning the needle. If your Keurig came with this tool, use it to clear the clog from the exit needle
  • If your Keurig did not come with the plastic needle-cleaning tool, you can use a straightened paper clip or a toothpick to try to clear the clog. Pleas know though, that this remedy is not approved by Keurig and may void your warranty should something go awry
  • Once the clog has been cleared, fill the reservoir with water and turn the Keurig back on. Run through a small cup of only water to flush any remaining grounds from the exit needle

“More Water”

This might seem like a silly problem, but sometimes your machine just needs more water to do its job correctly. Make sure the water reservoir is full and try to brew your cup again.

If your Keurig’s water reservoir is full of water and the screen is still saying “More Water” and the light is flashing in the reservoir, try these steps…


  • Remove the reservoir from the machine
  • Thoroughly clean the reservoir with warm water and soap
  • Rinse the soapy water from the reservoir and allow it to air dry
  • Fill the reservoir to the max fill line and replace it on the Keurig brewer making sure it is properly seated on the machine
  • Try once again to brew your drink

“Oops” Message

Sometimes you might get a message on your display screen that says “Oops” and gives some information. This message does not mean that your machine is malfunctioning or broken, it just means that the K-Cup you are trying to use with your Keurig brewer is not compatible with it.

Keurig 2.0 models have been developed to work with only Keurig specific coffee pods. The lids of these pods contain information that allows your coffee maker to know what it is brewing (coffee, tea or cocoa) and how much of it needs to be brewed (mug, cup, or carafe).

If you try to use a coffee pod or K-Cup that was designed for earlier models, it will not work and your Keurig will give you the “Oops” message. You can alleviate this issue by using the proper K-Cups for your specific Keurig coffee maker.

Again, if you try to fix these problems or any others and are still not succeeding in getting an acceptable cup of coffee or other beverage, please contact Keurig’s customer care at the above referenced phone number or contact page.

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VII. Conclusion

After reading this guide, you can easily see why Keurig coffee makers consistently top the market. They are well made and feature-rich and as long as you care for them well, they will stay the distance.

It can be tough to choose when there are so many options so be sure to consider all the features and specifications to ensure that you get the Keurig that is best for you.

Determine how many cups of coffee you want to make before refilling the reservoir, how many different cup sizes you want to be able to choose from and whether you be brewing more than just coffee. With these preferences in mind, you can make a selection that will best suit you.

We hope that you have found a treasure trove of useful Keurig-related information in this bumper guide and that it will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing your Keurig coffee brewer.

Happy brewing!

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